Photo: KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas 1995

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Check out a rad photo of Gwen live during the band’s debut performance at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas held in Los Angeles, California back on December 17, 1995. Click here to see more photos from the show.

And listen to No Doubt’s short 20 minute set that included “Get On The Ball”, “Spiderwebs”, “Just a Girl” and “Excuse Me Mr.” Last week for Flashback Friday, we featured the band’s 2012 set and an interview where they mention this show and how excited they were to play.

6 Replies to “Photo: KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas 1995”

  1. I forgot how buff she was that year. I only remember her getting that way during the singles era. She is so friggin cute! No other front woman comes close to what she did in the 90’s!

  2. Where can I download this performance of “Get On The Ball”? Tell me please! I was trying to find it for years and years.

  3. The bathcaver, you can convert video from youtube to mp3 ogg. There is an application official on youtube to do it until twenty minutes of download.

  4. “Get on the ball” title is pulled from the first album of no doubt also named “No Doubt ” dated 1992.

  5. I was at that show, my fist no doubt LIVE experience. I was in the back row of the balcony at Universal.

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