Photo: Gwen’s L’Oreal Hair Color Commercial Screen Cap

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We know it’s been airing close to a week now, but we still haven’t seen it! And we know a lot of fans haven’t either. Thanks to Hannah for sharing a screen cap of Gwen in her L’Oreal Hair Preference color commercial, she looks stunning! Apparently she quotes No Doubt song lyrics in the ad as well, saying things like “rock steady shine” and “don’t let it go away”. How awesome is that! We will still keep our eyes peeled for the commercial and will have it up as soon as possible for anyone, or if anyone has it, feel free to send in! Thank you!

It’s also said that there are TWO versions of the commercials — has anyone seen both of them?

6 Replies to “Photo: Gwen’s L’Oreal Hair Color Commercial Screen Cap”

  1. I’ve seen it twice, and I think one is just an abridged version of the longer original. I know they do that sometimes with cosmetics commercials, so that’s what I’m assuming anyway. The shorter one doesn’t have the ND references in it.

  2. I saw the commercial! I Took the pic Hannah sent. Was an awesome commerical. I have viddoed it. Watching Grammys in hopes of seeing again. If do I will post! Xxoxox

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