Photo: Gwen’s ‘Anaheim Hillbillies’ Crew

Gwen took to her social media pages today to share a photo of her “Anaheim Hillbilly” crew on the road with her this summer. Her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour has been incredible so far and her crew has pulled off some amazing and memorable work which they should all be proud of. Gwen’s three boys Kingston, Zuma and Apollo have been acting as little roadies on the tour which she has given fans glimpses of on her Snapchat over the past few weeks.

We know that Gwen is having the time of her life and we hope fans have been able to make it out to the tour!

The “Anaheim Hillbillies” sweatshirt is currently being sold at the merch booths on the tour.

#thisiswhatthetruthfeelsliketour2016 #anaheimhillbillies #thismyshit #homies #blessed Gx

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11 Replies to “Photo: Gwen’s ‘Anaheim Hillbillies’ Crew”

  1. Does anyone know if the merch from her tours goes online? I went to the Chicago date and forgot to bring $$$ over plastic! and I’m dying to get that sweatshirt.

    1. It might not go online, nobody knows! You can always ask a friend who goes to a next show to buy it for you 🙂 I might go to another show, I’m @eduardofoster89 on Twitter.

  2. Why is she now identifying herself as a “hillbilly”? That’s so stupid. Gwen is a lot of things, but a hillbilly she is not.

  3. I was wondering about that too. Maybe it’s some sort of reference to Blake? lol or she liked the word because it’s related to “country”?
    It’s kind of confusing imo..

  4. I saw a pic of the merchandise from the last concert and no sweatshirt, but there was a t shirt. Someone said the sweatshirt was sold out but I don’t know if it meant just for that concert or soldout forever.
    I asked on here what it meant and someone said it was a takeoff of the Beverly Hillbillies. Whatever it means, it seems to be the biggest seller.

  5. ^ But still, she is not a hillbilly, never has been. She comes from a nice, middle class family, has had education, etc. And a hillbilly is a person who lives in remote, rural areas and are often ignorant with no education.
    So again, why is she now identifying herself as one? I guess it’s just yet another appropriation. First she decided she was indian, then a chola then asian and now she’s a hillbilly? :/

    1. What does the Anaheim part mean– what is the typical demo there? I mean I know she is from there, but I don’t know anything about it.
      I get the BeverlyHillbillies is an oxymoron but can’t grasp the Anaheim part. I was at the Indy concert which was the first time she featured the sweatshirts but can’t figure out why that is the highly sought after one.
      I think assigning cultural appropriation is overwrought, especially in Gwen’s case where it’s is about, art and fashion and music and of course there is an influence borrowing from all cultures and that’s a good thing.
      Good reading for everyone is an article on cultural appropriation … The Telegraph uk, August 16.

  6. Hmmm the Beverly Hillbillies reference is interesting… That makes more sense with her whole “I’m a normal person. I was so passive. How did I get so famous?” thing she repeatedly says.
    I still think it’s confusing, but good for her people seem to really like it.

  7. Anaheim Hillbillies is a Anaheim gang slang used in the Anaheim Hills. You can search in twitter for i.e. and there will be people using as far back as 2014, so it has nothing to do with Gwen. She’s know to use Anaheim local references before and she used this one to her crew tour shirts. Her crew is her gang that’s why their shirts have “Anaheim Hillbillies” on it.

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