Twitter Find: Gwen with Terry Hall in 1998

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This might be my new favorite pictures. Check out a polaroid shot of Gwen posing with Terry Hall from The Specials. Judging by her hairstyle, this might be from the set of Terry’s “Ballard of the Landlord” music video shoot back in 1998 which No Doubt appeared in. We’re still crossing our fingers for an official collaboration someday. Thank you to The Specials’ own @horacepanterart for sharing.

Check out the music video below and also No Doubt’s live cover of The Specials’ “Gangsters” in which Terry joined onstage for vocals!

And of course Terry made a cameo in the band’s “Sunday Morning” video in 1997.

10 Replies to “Twitter Find: Gwen with Terry Hall in 1998”

  1. Let’s just hope she stops because I would hate to see her looking like Madonna or Lindsey Lohan who have chipmunk cheeks and puffy faces from too much Botox.

    I wonder why these guys haven’t collaborated yet?? He’s a handsome man btw.

  2. Terry is much older now. As for Gwen… she’s thinner now but that alone is not enough to change face stucture.

  3. Where women really screw up is getting those cheek implants. I’m sure there are some good results, and I guess I wouldn’t notice those, but when I do notice them they are awful! I’m not sure whether Gwen has gotten them or if she’s gotten fillers, but I certainly hope she doesn’t if she hasn’t. She is starting to look a little bit “worked on,” and that’s not a good thing!

  4. She def has had work done around her eyes.i think fillers. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is to have to age in her shoes.

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