Video: New Interview With Gwen On The TODAY Show (Updated)


NBC has shared Gwen and Pharrell’s quick new interview with Hoda and The Today Show on it’s website this morning.

In the interview, Gwen admits that she just found out about her new judging position for season 7 on The Voice. “I’m trying to pinch myself. Is this really happening?”

Pharrell says that the two being on the new season at the same time is “serendipitous” saying they’ve always had a “special connection that was always through music”. They both recognize the admiration for each other that dates back over ten years ago.

Pharrell gives us insight to his and Gwen’s strategies while being on the Voice saying they will be taking a “slightly different approach” to judging. “All we’re going to do is hold up a mirror and show people how rad they are already.” Hoda asked Gwen is she likes that approach and she responded with, “I like him [Pharrell]. He’s rad!”

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Low-quality YouTube version

Today — Season six of “The Voice” is still in full swing, but fans of the vocal showdown are already looking ahead to the next season of the show. That’s because in addition to a whole new selection of singers, two new coaches will fill the spinning seats — and bring a bit of magic.

Singer and super-producer Pharrell Williams will join pop star Gwen Stefani on the reality TV competition starting in the fall.

“I just found out about this,” Stefani told TODAY’s Hoda Kotb, who took the fourth hour of the show to “The Voice” set Monday morning. “I’m tryin’ to, like, pinch myself. Is this really happening?”

It is!

“It’s magical,” Williams added.

Actually, it’s more than that.

“It’s serendipitous,” he said. “(Gwen and I have) always had a special connection, and it was always through music that we recognized each other’s admiration and depths.”

That’s because this isn’t the first time they’ve gotten together for memorable, magical music. The two of them co-wrote Stefani’s 2005 hit “Hollaback Girl.”

“I knew what I wanted,” Stefani said of the song. “I described it to him. … And he’s like, ‘Oh yeah.’ It’s like he had it in there already, but he had forgotten about it. He just does his thing. Like, you know, we were jumping on the couch. We knew. … We knew (it was) magic.”

“Yeah,” Williams said, agreeing that they saw the hit coming when they wrote it.

Williams knows a thing or two about writing hits — he has a long history of it. He even wrote his current smash, “Happy,” but it was intended to be a duet for him and yet another familiar face from “The Voice.”

Former “Voice” coach CeeLo Green recorded a version of “Happy” with Williams, but his camp decided it wasn’t for him.

“I do regret that it didn’t come out because he was so amazing on it,” Williams said of the track that went on to become his own solo success. “But I’m not complaining!”

Kotb, who’s a self-proclaimed superfan of “The Voice” — and who was clearly happy to hang out on the flashy set — said that she expects Stefani and Williams to “change the whole thing,” and she warned that veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton “better watch out.””Your mouth to ‘The Voice’s’ ears,” Williams smiled.

“The Voice” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. Season seven of “The Voice” kicks off in the fall.

Here is a new photo of Gwen with fellow season 7 Voice coach Pharrell Williams and Today Show host Hoda Kotb taken last night during an interview that will air this morning (Monday, May 5) on The Today Show! Hoda Tweeted out this photo and also shared how excited she is too that both Gwen and Pharrell are scheduled to perform on tonight’s live edition of The Voice, airing on NBC at 8:00 PM EST/PST. She sat down with them for an interview on how they’re getting themselves ready for The Voice, which starts filming in June.

Gwen looks incredible!

15 Replies to “Video: New Interview With Gwen On The TODAY Show (Updated)”

    1. Gwen and Pharrell definitely still have that chemistry and it shows. They both seemed so cool and collected together — I can’t wait!

  1. I would love to hear CeeLo’s version of Happy.

    Why not ask about Gwen’s music career and what’s next?? It was all about Pharrell! Sometimes I hate interviewers.

    1. Yeah, I also found the interview pretty one-sided (or at least it was edited that way) but I guess it makes sense due to his career being on-fire at the moment. I did find it awkward that they just referenced Gwen’s three boys as her most recent success while Pharrell’s segment was all about his music. Oh well, she looked wonderful and it’s great to see her on TV again!

  2. They’re both so adorable together, Gwen is looking very beautiful, I hope it’s a great for them both.. it’s a shame there’s this constant thing of: Christina shall be back in season 8… It might sound a bit selfish but I’d very much like for everyone to absolutely love Gwen on here and be wishing she had stayed once Christina returns… not meaning to awful to Christina..

  3. Gwen is so talented in many way and we all know that. But sometimes it seems that she only came into The Voice because of Pharrell… Like if he had chosen her. Sometimes i think if he was not involved, she would not call. Anyway, just an impression, guys. Just saying. But i’m so proud of her!

  4. I don’t know what it is, but somehow it doesn’t seem like Gwen is THAT comfortable with all of this (yet).

  5. I love how Gwen looks here– effortlessly casual yet high- end. She seems relaxed and excited about this new venture.

  6. i agree with yeahyeahyeah, & to be honest i think gwens too nice to be a judge, like how ellen was on american idol

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