Photos: Gwen and Tony with Fans Today

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Gwen was gracious to pose with Instagram’s sinpourmoi2 and a friend this afternoon while in Malibu.


Tony also posed with _whirl_wind_ today in Atwater Village Farmers Market today, too. Lucky day for No Doubt fans!

9 Replies to “Photos: Gwen and Tony with Fans Today”

    1. lol

      I think they must be bored
      Gavin is not even in the country + she has so many people helping her with the kids. Maybe they are bored lol

  1. You’re probably right. I’m just impressed by the sheer number of outings…not just Gwen, but Tony too. I definitely need to get out more. 😉

  2. Well, they are not working at the moment so I guess that explains why they are all out and about. Time needs to be passed by. Gwen is spending a lot of time with her kids and kids don’t really wanna stay at home. There’s always something to do when you have kids, I guess.

  3. I guess being a celebrity can be super boring sometimes. They obviously don’t have to clean their houses, wash their cars or mow their lawns, so what you’re gonna do with all that time? Sometimes I wish I had help doing stuff for me, but then again I get bored sooooo fast… I guess I just wouldn’t be happy lol.

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