Photos: Gwen for ShoeDazzle (Updated)



Gwen has shared another photo from her new campaign for gx by Gwen Stefani for ShoeDazzle!




Check out gorgeous new photos of Gwen for ShoeDazzle courtesy of WWD. The publication announced her brand new collection, gx by Gwen Stefani, exclusively this morning which launches on February 26, which will features accessories including shoes and handbags.

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13 Replies to “Photos: Gwen for ShoeDazzle (Updated)”

  1. Just a bunch of stuff not designed by her, licensing out her photo/name.. kind of saturating the market at this point. I’m really interested in DWP, seems smarter.

  2. I am so glad Gwen is finally realizing how much value just her own name and image hold. She used to feel shameful that she would ever sell her name on a cheap “Kmart girl” brand and thus, never went down that route. But I think she might have wrote the idea off to soon, a few years back. She is realizing her own value now. I love it! She has always had to “hide” behind brand names like “L.A.M.B.” “Harajuku Lovers” and “Harajuku mini” in the past. Now, through representing L’oreal, O.P.I., and ShoeDazzle, and even to an extent, Design With Purpose, I’m seeing her finally let go and just accept that she is an icon all her own, and doesn’t just need a high-end brand like L.A.M.B., a fragrance line, and a full-out show at Fashion Week to prove it. Although, we all know L.A.M.B. is fantastic and amazing all on its own! Gwen- you’re amazing and anything you associate your name and face with, I always know it will be original and well thought-out. 🙂 Always a fan here!

  3. I think she has seen how many of her celebrity peers have found continued success through fashion and branding. Sounds like this is the year for Gwen to really push that and move away from music entirely.

    That first photo is very unflattering. The hair, the stare, the turtleneck, the airbrushing…. The 2nd one is much nicer.

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