Photo: Gwen Showing Off Harajuku Mini At Target Headquarters

Stunning! Target just shared a new photo of Gwen posing with some of the new items from her new Harajuku Mini collection! She was at Target headquarters in Minneapolis last week, most likely where this photo was taken! We can’t wait to see more and congratulations again to Gwen on the news of the amazing collaboration! Harajuku Mini hits Target stores and online November 13.

Target — We added a new friend today! We’re partnering with fashion and music icon Gwen Stefani on her new Harajuku Mini collection for babies, kids and tweens. This exclusive collection hits stores and November 13. No doubt, we’re pretty excited.

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  1. Im super excited, I have all boys and were gonna try to have another in the next year and i told everyone im gonna want a harajuku lovers baby shower with all things harajuku…this is icing on the cake and when i do have another baby im hoping for a girl but either way im excited and its gonna be awsome. xoxoxxo

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