Photo: Lucky Fan Met Gwen Tonight

Aww! Congratulations to lucky English fan Lauren (@mylashesaredry) who was able to meet Gwen and get her photo tonight in London together! Gwen was apparently leaving a birthday party that was thrown for designer Stella McCartney. Former Beatle Ringo Starr was also in attendance. Congrats again and we cannot wait to see more photos from the event!

Aw, can hear everyone singing Stella McCartney Happy Birthday.

Just met Ringo Starr and Gwen Stefani!!!!

I was papped with Gwen Stefani, but here’s the pic my mum took LOL. She’s so down to earth <3

Gwen Stefani is so lovely oh my gosh.

Lmfao, funniest thing today when my mum was trying to take the pic of me and Gwen and the camera stopped working.

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