Photos: Gwen Poses With Fans This Morning

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Really cute! Tumblr user yohoyohoadisneylifeforme and Instagram user sunflowerdes posted pictures of them with Gwen (and Gavin) in a Starbucks this morning. How super lucky for them and gracious of Gwen!

So, I kind of met Gwen Stefani and her husband this morning…. BEST DAY EVER!!!

Just met GWEN STEFANI & GAVIN at work today! #nodoubt #makemefamous #Starbucks #Wellsfargo #starstruck

12 Replies to “Photos: Gwen Poses With Fans This Morning”

  1. It’s cute, but I love that Gwen never looks thrilled when taking pics outside of meet and greets.

  2. I feel sorry for G&G though. They really look uncomfortable. People should be more aware and choose the appropriate moment and place for these things.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for them. They obviously could make their own coffee at home and they go to one of the busiest Starbucks in Studio City. But I still love her. haha

  4. Must be nice trying to go to the bathroom and having random ppl come to take your pic. But she has more money than she knows what to do with so fair trade I guess.

  5. If I saw Gwen and Gavin in Starbucks I would be going absolutely mental, desperate for a picture or something because that would probably be my once in a lifetime opportunity to get a picture with my idol, to Gwen I would just be another fan after a photo and I guess in public, what do they expect?! She is Gwen Stefani, I’d expect every second of every day everywhere she goes people are desperate for pictures; I totally understand how this would get annoying though if you’re trying to get on with your daily business!

  6. on the street yes in front of a bathroom not so much… id never ask if thy had their kids. I met tom one time and he was holding his kids and i talked to him and told him i wont ask for a picture you have your kids! I appreciate you talking to me.

  7. They do look uncomfortable but they could always say no. Then if they say no- people get all hot and bothered and hate on them for wanting some privacy. I would really want to ask them for a picture but Idk… it really depends where I see them-

  8. They deal with the paps every day, I don’t think an actual fan who supports them would be worse than that…

  9. They look uncomfortable, and I think they are bothered some times. It seems that they appreciate their fans and try to accommodate the fans always. They seem to be genuine in appreciating all their fans. May the Good Lord Bless them and their friends and always watch over them. May the angels always be with them.

  10. uncomfortable is an understatement lol. however if i did not live in cali or at least southern cali, i would try my very best to meet them no matter where they where, but if i did live there i would have the advantage of probobly running into them again.

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