Photos: Gwen Poses with Fans in Mammoth Lakes

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A couple of fans were lucky to spot and get a photo with Gwen this afternoon while vacationing in Mammoth Lakes. We hope the Rossdale-Stefani clan are having a blast together on the slopes. Thank you to Instagram’s emmafarber and melann25 for sharing their photos.

10 Replies to “Photos: Gwen Poses with Fans in Mammoth Lakes”

  1. Isn’t Mamoh Lake where the Bad guy cop killer killed himself? I am glad that is all over. Wouldn’t want Mr. Gavin to have to Kick that bad guys ass to protect the family that would scare Mrs. Gwen And the little Rossdales..Hope they are enjoying them selves..!!

    1. “OOPS” MS. Jenny, I am so sorry Thank for helping me out . I Know you and I both wish the Rossdale family have a good time on vacation. Hope all is well with you and yours Ms Jenny its always nice to hear from you thanks again have a good evening. Rob

    1. Thats me I am a wierdo, Sorry if you don’t like that D. Like the Blake Shelton song says “you can KISS MY COUNTRY ASS” have a nice day D, Rob…!!!

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