Photo: Costa Mesa Soundcheck 1995

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How neat! I came across a blog this afternoon that shared a story about a lucky fan that met Gwen before the band’s soundcheck in Costa Mesa, California back on October 20, 1995. The band was there to perform and also did a signing at the old Virgin record store afterwards. Wendy was able to get a quick photo with Gwen and her and her friends were also invited to be extras in the “Just a Girl” music video.

Thank you to Wendy for sharing her photo and story!

Wendy Will Blog — Yep, I spent my formative years growing up in Anaheim (er…Hills) and I consider myself a huge homer for Tom, Tony, Adrian, and Gwen. That’s No Doubt to you.

I felt 19 years old again last night when I had to stop and record the new No Doubt video Settle Down before heading upstairs to tend to my preschooler’s bedtime routine. Instantly, I was back in 1994 asking my parents to videotape a set of No Doubt music videos on our local cable channel.

This particular photo of Gwen and I was taken at Triangle Square in October 1995. It was shortly after the release of Tragic Kingdom but Just a Girl wasn’t getting any radio air play yet. My friends and I got there hours early and watched the band do a sound check. That’s when I was able to get this photo. I was having a full blown fan girl moment here. I never really understood why she was pointing her thumb at me. Maybe it was to say “this girl is wearing a backpack.”

That was a great show at Triangle Square. Afterwards, the band signed autographs in the old Virgin record store. I still have the set list from the show that the band signed. My friends and I also were picked to be extras in the Just a Girl video (I later opted out but both friends did make it in the video!).

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  1. Awww I used to hang out at the Virgin mega Store and at Triangle Square when I was a tween!ND did a secret kroq show in 2000 in the same spot for ROS!

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