Photo: Gwen On Set of The Voice with Taylor Swift

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Country and pop superstar Taylor Swift will be joining The Voice panel as a “key adviser” to all the coaches, announced by NBC this morning.

According to E! Online, Swift will work with all four coaches” and “serve as the sole mentor for all of the contestants on the various teams.” She will make her debut appearance on The Voice on October 27, 28 and on November 3 as the Knockout Round come to a close.

In a new press release, NBC shared that Swift will work alongside the teams and work on “vocal technique, stage presence and the importance of tailoring songs to fit their personalities and strengths.”

It was also announced that Gavin will also be appearing alongside Gwen on October 13 and 14.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

13 Replies to “Photo: Gwen On Set of The Voice with Taylor Swift”

  1. Taylor Swift…giving Gwen coaching advice? And on vocal technique to the contestants? That is laughable. Stay away Swifty!! LOL

    P.S. Gwen looks so pretty…

  2. now knowing Taylor was an advisor…it makes the one finger clapping all make sense LMAO. Gwen looks THRILLED.

  3. I know people don’t want to hear this, bur Gwen should consider collaborating with Taylor… That should definitely boost her solo comeback.

  4. I have total confidence that Gwen can have a comeback without collaborating with girls half her age. She’s not at the Madonna stage of desperation yet (and I love Madonna).

  5. Yeah I hope Gwen doesn’t start collaborating with all these girls just because she needs another hit like Madonna. C’mon!

  6. I thought it was pretty ridiculous when I saw Taylor was the head advisor over the mass of talent already on the team; basically they’ve just picked someone who’s currently doing well in the charts, which okay, I understand why but I still feel like it’s silly… it should’ve been some legend with a life of experience but I guess this is just to make Taylor sell even more records in the current market!!!!! Gwen looks so beautiful here by the way, I’d definitely say Gwen looks better than Taylor and I’d probably put them at about the same age, which is crazy considering the actual difference..

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