Photo: No Doubt Live at the Glass House 1999

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Thank you so much to Instagram user reddortega for sharing this great shot of Gwen at the band’s October 3, 1999 (Gwen’s 30th birthday!) show at the Glass House in Pomona, California.

My first @nodoubt concert in Pomona at the Glass House in 2000, it was your 30th Birthday. One of the best nights of my life!! #nodoubt #returnofsaturn

12 Replies to “Photo: No Doubt Live at the Glass House 1999”

  1. Was this outfit just for her B day or what? Never seen it before and I live for everything ROS…
    Maybe she wanted to be a butterfly? Maybe its symbolic of the whole Return Of Saturn thing and what it has to do with turning 30 and leaving the shell of the past? Too deep or right on? ROS had some butterfly lyrics….

    Yes very 70’s vibe for sure! Kinda Stevie Nicks vibe…..

  2. Wow, cool, thanks. I do have pics I took from this tour, but no butterfly getup. Maybe its like the typical jacket type thing she always wears for the first song or so? And yes the style and vibe from the ROS era is quite sick, so glad I was there for that and was front row at 3 shows from the ROS era. I feel I got away with something for having that experience in my life. I WIN! HA!

  3. Chaser, you definitely did! Still bitter about ND only stopping by the EMP opening show in Seattle for that tour. Boo! We only got a 45 minute set!

    And yes, she wore that only during “New” I believe. She looked stunning!

  4. Wow Jenny. Sorry you only got a 45 minute set…..At least you got some killer video of it! That’s one of my favorite ND performances ever….. Want to talk about bitter? My brain washed “Christian” mother would not let me see ND back in 1996 (Would of been my first ND show) because she saw the promo photo for the show and Adrian’s “devil horns” made her freak out in a brain washed “Christian” sort of way…… Oh well I made up for lost time back when ND use to tour……remember those days!!!? HA!

  5. Chaser, ha! My mom was like that for like a day because she thought Gwen used the “f word” too much. In the end, she ended up loving Tragic Kingdom just as much as me.


    Too much? Nah….. Imagine if ND used those lyrics in the recorded version too?

    On another note, your mom loves Tragic Kingdom as much as you!? Really? Is that possible? What about ROS? ;p

    1. Yeah, my mom really likes ND. My dad too. He learned how to play “Just a Girl” and “Don’t Speak” on the guitar for me. I made her a custom ND mix with songs up to Rock Steady that she still listens to. She’s not a fan of Push and Shove though. :/

      I still wish Gwen sang “Just a Girl” like she did back in the day — I would love to hear it in person, lol.

  7. Jenny, your parents rock! Gwen should change the lyrics to “Fuck you I’m a mom!” And switch the entire songs lyrics to “just a mom”. They should rewrite the lyrics about having to potty train, breast feed, changing diapers, teaching to read, soccer practice… get the point. 🙂

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