Photo: Gwen for The Voice

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Check out a gorgeous photo of Gwen taken from her Voice shoot with Art Streiber. She looks so pretty and we cannot wait for more to surface!

Photo courtesy of NBC.

7 Replies to “Photo: Gwen for The Voice”

  1. i find this look so strange and not very gwen. especially the top.
    it’s being used for all the voice promo so this is the image of her everyone is seeing. seems unfortunate.
    i think lately her looks in general have been too polished. stepford wife-ish. no edge 🙁

  2. I agree DOOM. Stepford Wife is a funny and accurate description of her photos lately. They’re going a little too nuts on the airbrushing and filters. I still say she should try a new hair cut and color to really mix things up. She’s had the same look for years.

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