Photo: Gwen and Gavin with Fans in 1998

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Check out an awesome vintage photo of Gwen and Gavin posing with alexj81 back in 1998. Gwen looks too cute!

13 Replies to “Photo: Gwen and Gavin with Fans in 1998”

  1. I think that’s what they ment. And i have to say I don’t agree. Every couple has thier ups and downs. What matters is, how the deal with them and how much love is in the relationship. Obviously, there’s tons of love in their relationship, cause if there wasn’t, they would have been divorced along time ago along with everyone else.

    Anyway, they don’t look too thrilled to be interrupted in that picture, lol. But alteast they agreed to have it taken. Love them both.

  2. 90 percent of gwen’s lyrics are about how gavin mistreats her. i’m suprised no one ever talks about this (including the media), considering that it’s a huge part of the message and image that gwen puts out into the world. there is no way to really know the dynamics of their relationship, so i assume that he actually treats her with a lot of respect.
    while she’s constantly writing about his shortcomings, i think it’s actually coming from a place more about her insecurities and worries. i think it’s a really interesting and crucial aspect of her as an artist. but it’s never talked about. ???

  3. I’d rather thank Tony and Gavin for giving her great material and inspiration over the years LOL I think “mistreat” is a strong word to use though. Plus, we don’t really know Gavin’s side of things since his lyrics aren’t so obvious. And I think her lyrics have been talked about A LOT. Were you around for TK and ROS? LOL

  4. I mean Gwen’s been with Gavin a long time so really it’s time people got over it and moved on.If anyone did the wrong thing by Gwen it was Tony.

  5. I don’t think Tony wronged her at all. He was just a young guy who didn’t want to get married at 23 and wanted to find his own identity. Nothing wrong with that! He had it worse in the long run because of all the songs she wrote and had to play night after night LOL

  6. Yea I guess but that was a long time ago and they are now both in happy relationships and it’s great that they are still friends.

  7. I agree! It all worked out! I honestly can’t even picture them in a relationship because they are such good friends. They seem more like brother/sister to me.

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