Photo: First Print Ad From Gwen’s New Fall L’Oreal Campaign

Wow! Happy September, everybody! They were not kidding when L’Oreal said that Gwen’s new campaign would debut this month! Huge thank you to kokobombon for scanning and sharing with everyone! Check out her first new print ad for L’Oreal’s Ever Pure Sulfate-Free Color Care System — and looks STUNNING! The ad has debuted in the October issue of Elle Canada. We have added a HQ to the gallery which you can see here!

2 Replies to “Photo: First Print Ad From Gwen’s New Fall L’Oreal Campaign”

  1. Buzz kill…and hate me if you will. But first off her hairstylist since she came out of the womb of stardom works for Pantene, and Gwen has said she uses Pantene(not sure I buy it but OK). Plus this isn’t even her hair again… Gwen is a gorgeous beauty icon, use what she has, not extensions to sell healthy beautiful hair. We all know her color didn’t come from a box…but those red lips were all G and that was marketing magic.

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