Tumblr Find: Fan Shares Personal Photos

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Thanks to Tumblr’s merchanddestroy for sharing a couple of photos of fan Dave posing with Gwen back on the Sixteen Stone tour and Tony more recently with Moby. Thanks as well to our own MB for sending in the link!

Dave is a huge No Doubt fan and everyone I know loved Tragic Kingdom when it came out.

The last time I witnessed No Doubt was at the Patriot Center when they were on tour with Shelter. (their final tour) Obvious Shelter was the opening act. Dave and I were friends with Shelter and we were on their guest list. No Doubt def has ties to hardcore as they are from OC and their Bass player Tony is an old hardcore kid. I know everyone was freaking out when he wore an INSTED t shirt on No Doubt’s behind the music. Shelter was great but being on this tour the band took a wrong turn progressively on their next album. But that is another story.

Above Dave is taking a pic with Gwen Stefani and below is members of No Doubt, H20, and Moby…..

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