Photo: Backstage at the 1996 HFStival

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Woah! Check out an incredible photo of Gwen posing backstage at the HFStival hosted by former Washington DC alternative radio station 99.1. The photo was taken by a photographer for the station back on June 1, 1996 after what looks like an in-studio interview (and Gwen’s wearing her famous Super Fuzz shirt!) Both “Just a Girl” and “Spiderwebs” were huge songs for the station that year, too. No Doubt performed during the festival earlier in the day at RFK Stadium.

Thank you to our friend Rosemarie for letting us share on the site for everyone to see.

And after peeking around our gallery this morning, I have several more backstage at the show.

9 Replies to “Photo: Backstage at the 1996 HFStival”

  1. Why were they considered a pop band in the 90s? A band for teens and tweens? The way Gwen is dressed and No Doubts music in the 90s seems to fit in the alt rock part of 90s…Well some one told me that they were considered a pop band for teens in the 90s

    1. Well, pop music is really just popular music. No Doubt was mostly considered alternative in the 90s. They started veering towards “pop sounding music” after Rock Steady was released.

      “Just a Girl” was also the first No Doubt song I heard which made me want to buy Tragic Kingdom.

  2. Because I listen to Nirvana, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins and the first No Doubt song I heard was Just a girl and I loved it, the first album I bought was tragic kingdom

  3. Oh please, no doubt were always way more pop and commercial than most of their “alternative” peers.

    Labels labels….

  4. “Alternative” was a pretty broad genre and No Doubt were generally classified as such in the 90’s. Rock, pop and adult 40 stations all played their music. Unfortunately, the rock stations in my area wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole after RS came out though…

    Anyway, GREAT picture. I always loved that whole look!

  5. The only reason why No Doubt has been shunned from the rock genre is because of rock steady, push and shove and gwens solo career, I wish people didn’t get mixed up with Gwen’s solo career and ND’s music, plus RockSteady is a reggae influenced album, not pop 🙂

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