Photo: 2009 tour shot hanging in The Slidebar

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Thanks so much to Instagram user fopopps for snapping a picture of this fantastic shot of Gwen from one of their Irvine, California stops on the band’s 2009 tour that is hanging in Fullerton’s Slidebar. We know that the Slidebar loves the band and has tons of memorabilia and photos of them all over the place!

The photographer of the photo is musician and Lit band member Kevin Baldes.

4 Replies to “Photo: 2009 tour shot hanging in The Slidebar”

  1. Fabulous!

    The Slidebar was one of my favorite places to stop on the “No Doubt Landmark Tour” back in 2009. Such a great atmosphere and the band is everywhere!

  2. Slidebar is a piece of shit bar full of orange county’s most despicable asshats. other than that, the amount of ND memorabilia in there is worth stopping by for a minute before leaving to go to a way less shitty establishment.

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