Pharrell Debuts “Spark The Fire” at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival (Updated with FULL Song)

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Update! Check out the full version of “Spark The Fire” in low quality.

Last night onstage during the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles, Pharrell treated fans to Gwen’s new song, and rumored second single, “Spark The Fire”. Like Gwen did during a recent radio stop, Pharrell plugged his phone into the venue speakers and treated fans to a singalong of the new song.

Check out a few clips that a few fans were able to capture and share of “Spark The Fire”. The track sounds like pure fun and we can’t wait to hear it in high quality!


A video posted by Pharrell (@lordtueros) on

Who got the lighta? Let's spark tha fire! #Pharrell #GwenStefani #NewMusic #NewRelease #FreshOffHisPhoneTho #Feminism

A video posted by Dynasti Muzic (@mz_dynasti) on


And if you missed it, check out the clip of “Spark The Fire” that Gwen played live Amp 97.1 on-air last month that hyped everyone up. Though it hasn’t been confirmed as her second single, she said that a video has been shot for the Pharrell-produced track by Sophie Muller.

34 Replies to “Pharrell Debuts “Spark The Fire” at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival (Updated with FULL Song)”

  1. Yay! The song has grown on me a lot I will admit. I think Gwen will likely release it the last week of november or early december with the album hopefully out in january or february.

    1. We already know that they shot a video for this song, Gwen said it while she played the first half of the song on that radio show.

  2. what’s the huge deal over gwen not promoting her singles? Beyonce didn’y promote her last album and she sold tons of them….so I’ve heard and she plans on doing it again, so why can’t Gwen or snyone else do the same. SMFH!

  3. @vanessa didn’t promote ? she bought all the itunes banners and stayed for long unlike gwen she had only one and was late also didnt make few days

  4. This is smart promo. It’s free and reaches a huge audience via social networks.
    This already sounds a million times better than BDL!!. I hope they release it soon.
    Not saying a love it just yet but I does put a huge smile on my face 🙂

  5. Also, not sure about charts and money but I really think this song will fly way better than BDL. One, because it has a good spirit, it’s actually fun and two, this is the Gwen people have come to love. Her attitude goes a loooong way.

  6. I’m not a huge BDL fan, but I really like this song. It’s different than most of the pop that’s out there right now, and has the unique Gwen vibe. My thought? BDL was never supposed to be a hit for Gwen, it was just supposed to get her back out there. I bet they’ll hold on to this until The Voice is over or whenever they’re ready to release her album.

  7. The more I listen to these snippets, the more this song sounds like Beyonce’s “Run the world” lol. I don’t think this will be the next “Hollaback Girl” for Gwen, but I think it could do ok in the charts/clubs. It’s basically the same strategy they had during the L.A.M.B. era. First single: Full pop. Second single: Urban/Hip Hop-ish.

    1. I love how Pharrell says he wants to hear this song online, lol.

      The second video is better! Thanks! I like the breakdown and want to hear what she says. It sounds like a fun song. Bring it on, Gwen!

  8. Love how Pharell wants this out now, hope it gets released before the end of the year and gives Gwen the chance to perform at radio stations Christmas shows

  9. After seeing the tweet I think this was planned not only by pharrell but by the label to get some buzz going. I wish BDL would scoot already so this could come out now.

    Pharrell and Beyonce need to do a quick wikipedia search on feminism and shut there mouths already.

  10. So… I guess Gwen suffers from amnesia, right? She played half of the song in studio quality weeks ago on national radio, but now she says that Pharrell let the cat out of the bag lol.

  11. I didn’t want BDL to be brushed under the carpet but we will just see… I wonder if more is going on behind the scenes possibly delaying or maybe changing things? Who knows? I find it weird Diplo was insulting Taylor Swift the other day on twitter which got some backlash……. maybe there are problems? Maybe everything is well!!!!!

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