Pharrell Confirms New Song with Gwen Coming Soon (Updated)

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During an interview at his showing at New York Fashion Week, Pharrell confirmed tonight that himself and Gwen are currently working on new music together!

He told the New York Post that they are actually finishing up work on the song tonight in New York but wouldn’t reveal any more details.

“She sounds amazing, and you’ll really question if she’s really had three children, said Williams. “And you’ll really question if she’s 44. She’s just young and, like, bangin’… you guys are going to see, Gwen is killing it right now.”

Gwen and Pharrell have been photographed a few times now recently in the studio together but its always great to have more confirmation. Rumors are that Gwen is scheduled to release a new solo album by the end of the year.

6 Replies to “Pharrell Confirms New Song with Gwen Coming Soon (Updated)”

  1. Was just reliving Gwen’s solo era. And wondering what was a bigger travesty: the fact that “luxurious” was released as a single and “the real thing” wasn’t or the fact that “now that you got it” was released and “wonderful life” wasn’t?

  2. The real thing is one of my favourite ever songs, it would have been a massive late summer single IMO, and the video would have been gorgeous!

  3. “My Heart is Open” is ranked on i-tunes Charts
    78 th best single
    4 th best single in the Album V behind Maps (1), Animals (2), It was always you (3)

    Album V 6 th best album

    It’s great !!?

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