Performance and Tour Visuals Included in Weirdcore’s Portfolio

Photo courtesy of Weirdcore
Photo courtesy of Weirdcore

Fans may have noticed Gwen’s flashy and intriguing backdrops this past summer featured on her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour which she collaborated on with Weirdcore, video designer behind “Baby Don’t Lie”.

Weirdcore has since uploaded and shared visuals from Gwen’s recent performances and tour on his official website including ones for “Make Me Like You”, “Together” (which Gwen had performed on her own in early 2015 ; the video features artwork created by Danny Roberts for Harajuku Lovers), “Rare”, “Red Flag” “Where Would I Be?” and “Hollaback Girl.”

Fans may also notice an unreleased audio recording of Gwen singing “Rare”, which could have possibly been recorded as backing vocals for the tour, on the clip. The final version of the visual backdrop used on tour for “Rare” features gorgeous close-ups of Gwen and stunning landscape views.

You can check out Weirdcore’s tour visuals on his official website at

10 Replies to “Performance and Tour Visuals Included in Weirdcore’s Portfolio”

  1. I love the ones for “Red Flag” and “Where Would I Be?” !!!! They wold also make great singles! 😀

  2. OT but and are down. Maybe Gwens team hasn’t updated the domain for But the instagram is updated. Also, Gwen no news for LAMB. hm

  3. Red Flag is my favorite, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the video link and download it, and I can’t find it on any other server. It would make an awesome lyric video!

  4. This is sooo good and makes me happy to see– thanks Jenny!

    The Grammy noms are announced Tuesday. Would be great if Gwen gets a nom. In a year of not standout albums by female artists I think Gwen’s deserves it and sounds great still even if you haven’t listened to it in a while.

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