Update: Gwen Appearing on Blake Shelton’s New Album with “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”


Gwen Tweeted out a sneak peek at the back of Blake Shelton’s upcoming album revealing her upcoming appearance on a new track titled “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” Blake shared that he suggested to Gwen to share the photo as a confirmation to everyone about their highly anticipated and talked about duet.

Blake spoke to People about their collaboration saying he was hesitant to talk about it when rumors started to spread late last year about it. He revealed that he co-wrote on the song last October and calls it “just remarkable.” Blake says that he loves “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and shares that it’s an important song since they wrote it together and calls it extremely personal.

Blake admits that he’s insecure when it comes to his songwriting but said that he felt an instant connection with Gwen in the studio. “I think Gwen has a smaller circle too when it comes to writing, and the fact that we went there that early as we were getting to know each other, it’s just remarkable. As different as we are musically, we’re a fan of the same type of songs. We have these playlists that we send each other that are stuff that we loved growing up and they’re so similar, so I think it made it easy for us to collaborate.” Blake told ET that he thinks it may be the best song he’s ever written.

He had nothing but nice things to say about Gwen and calls her “the coolest girl in the world”. “Any time I take a step back and think, ‘Wow, to me she’s Gwen, but she’s Gwen Stefani, you know what I mean? It’s like a self check every now and then. Whoa, I’m hanging out with literally the coolest girl in the world and I get to hang out with her. Just having a meal with her sometimes, it’s like, ‘Whoa, that’s her sitting up there!”

Blake’s new album, If I’m Honest, is set to released everywhere on May 20.

We’re looking forward to hearing their collaboration!



E! News reported on tonight’s episode that Carson Daly confirmed the duet on AMP 97.1 radio show this morning and shared that the track will appear on Blake’s new album due out May 20.


While rumors have been discussed and shot down regarding a duet in the works between Gwen and Blake, People is reporting and sticking to their story that the couple have worked together and their song is set to debut on Blake’s new country album due this year. The report doesn’t share any other details (and says information is “still under wraps”), but People is saying it “may be one of the most highly-anticipated songs of the year”.

Most recently when Gwen was asked about the rumors, she had confirmed that Blake was not working with her on her new album and they were not writing a country ballad together.

People first shared the story about the duet back in November last year.

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  1. That’s awesome. I’m really excited to hear how this will turn out. Gwen sounded great singing Blakes song neon light on the voice last year

    1. That’s cause she made it her own and turned it almost into a reggae-ish version. Plus Blake wasn’t singing lol

      1. Yeah but it probably won’t sound super country either. Probably more like “My Heart is Open” or “Just A Fool”

  2. I can see them doing a country duet for his album. Honestly I’m not really sure I’ll buy this song. I really don’t like that genre and Blake’s songs are painful to hear. But maybe we’ll be surprised. I also read that there will be some songs about Gwen on his album.

  3. I’ll buy it to support her, but I hate country music so I’m not sure how much I’m going to like it… When is his album out?

  4. @ Echoustic Yeah it was a good read, but started to go downhill when it didn’t acknowledge that Gwen had in fact admitted that the poor performance of ITEOTWAWKI was because her braces were ripping up her mouth, and it lost me completely when it called Gwen the ‘oldest teenager’.
    (But that was the end anyway so it’s ok.)

    1. Hey Rose – I actually just re-read the article because of what you wrote (vs. what I seemed to recall) and I’m finding that the writer actually kind of agrees with you, re: Gwen’s braces and her ITEOTWAWKI difficulties. The writer also goes on to say that despite those difficulties (or rather because of them), the performance, for her, somehow elevated Gwen to the realm of “magical, and aspirational”.

      “My favorite theory, and the one I choose to believe, is that her braces kept getting stuck to her lips and that was what made her stumble. But — now and especially at 13 — something about her failure to nail the performance was more admirable than success would have been. A famous woman had appeared on television, on a network that could then still be reasonably understood as an arbiter of cool, and let herself be as gawky as I very often felt. And somehow this made her beautiful, magical, and aspirational.”

      As for Gwen being the “oldest teenager”, I think the writer meant that as a compliment (even though it certainly doesn’t read like one when taken out of context), in the sense of Gwen having always had that certain ability to speak of and to feelings of “teenage” angst and insecurity (and whatever remnant of that we bring with us into our adult lives). With that, we also need to keep in mind that the author is writing from the perspective of her adult self, and also (looking back at) her 13-yr-old self. More importantly, I think the writer is making a rather salient point that the adage/notion that women (or anyone for that matter) should “act their age” is a false one. Therefore, to put the teenager “label” back into the full context of the article’s conclusion:

      “There’s an unspoken pressure in our society for women to “act their age,” whatever that means, so maybe the most inspiring thing about Gwen is that, at her best, she’s disregarded that false ideal. I didn’t expect her new album to clarify exactly why I worshipped her when I was younger, but it did: She’s always been the world’s oldest teenager.”

  5. I don’t see how wearing braces had anything to do with her screwing up ITEOTW. She skipped part of the chorus and went into the 4th verse. LOL I would say nerves and energy were the problem, but I still love that performance (and REM) and it’s amazing that they tackled it!

    “Somewhere before her first solo album, 2004’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby., she got one of those Hollywood makeovers that seem irreversible — she was now in with the in-crowd.” THIS…this is quite true. There are still hints of her quirky/dorky persona, but most of it went away a long time ago 🙁 But…she can’t be 26 forever either.

    1. Didnt she admit to be way to nervous and getting confused with the lyrics? I remember an interview she talked about that and said she cried about that. There was a dude holding the lyrics on that day and Gwen missed the mark. Nothing to do with braces…

      1. Exactly, there is MTV footage of her after the performance and she was pretty upset with herself for screwing it up. I think the guy held up the cue card too soon and that’s why she launched into the next verse and skipped the repeat of the chorus. The boys handled it well tho. Despite the screw up, it’s still one of my most favorite covers they’ve ever done 😀

  6. ^ Plus ROS isn’t their 3rd album. I thought that person acted like she was once a fan but she is just a casual listener tbh.

    1. Good spot, NDLOVER, RoS is their 4th (after ND, TBSC & TK). As to your other point, I think every fan has their own unique journey in relation to the evolution of an artist. My own ND/GS journey mirrors that of the writer’s in that the apparent “Hollywoodization” of Gwen dampened my own enthusiasm for her to some significant degree. I had to dig really deep into her solo material to find something I could cling on to, as dearly as I did my ND faves. In the end, it was her balladry that continued to work for me (I’ll always love her solo ballads much more so than her post-ND dance-y stuff, but that’s just me of course) as I found for myself a line of continuity from ND to solo Gwen, one that links Don’t Speak and acoustic Hey You… to SKoL… to Running… to Cool …and so on and so forth, right through to UTLY. That’s how I personally reconciled the band and solo phases of the artist. I expect it’s different for others. As for the author of the article, she as much as blames herself in part for her falling out of love with Gwen:

      “I’ve found it kind of hard to feel enthusiastic about Gwen Stefani for the past decade or so. It’s maybe because there is a certain level of sheen and precision about her now that makes her feel distant. Perhaps there is an element of my own immaturity at play here, but I cannot help hearing a voice in my head that snipes, in the cadence of a jilted tween, ‘Gwen’s been so stuck-up ever since she got her braces off.'”

      But more importantly, it appears the new material has made her fall back in love with Gwen. That’s the writer’s unique and personal journey as a fan, and for what it’s worth, if the new album returns old fans to the “new” fold, I reckon that’s a very good thing. In her words:

      “But for the past couple of months, I’ve found myself reconciling with Gwen, drawn to her again almost magnetically — going through my own personal Gwenaissance, if you will.”

      1. Reading this is almost like listening to Papa Pope give one of his sililoques, it’s almost nauseating. Give it a rest. If you don’t like here move on.

      2. Interesting that both Gwen and Blake are accused of “going Hollywood.” Seems harsh. I mean Gwen is practically from there and her good friends are very famous Hollywood people, so nothing out of the ordinary there. Blake is getting that a lot but that is because he no longer has a country music wife and because of The Voice.

  7. Extremely well said Echoustic. Took the word’s out of my mouth. Journalism is calling your name.

    1. Yawn? What? I think it will be great and liked some of Blake’s songs before he got with Gwen, even tho I am not too big on country.
      I think his album will be as good as hers since they were in the same place at the time. Can’t wait to hear how they sound together!
      Looking forward to seeing Gwen on The Voice tonite!

  8. This was simply inevitable. I hope the song will be good, but I fear it might be a little awkward. I don’t mind country, though.

  9. ^^ I second thing lol. Why not? I feel like everything at this point is “extra” I’m just gonna either enjoy it or not

  10. Does anyone else think that the cover of Blakes album and the name are a bit silly? An extreme close up of his face and a title of “of I’m being honest”. It’s the same cover and concept of gwens new album with a title that copies emotion. Her album is all about him, but from the sounds is his titles, Someome is infatuated with MIRANDA !

    1. I like that the album titles are connected and could read as one title. Back when Blake first announced he was working on an album he said — people may not know exactly what happened ( regarding the ending of his marriage to Miranda) but they will know how he felt about it….
      Hopefully his album is similar to Gwen’s with half of it about the ex and marriage ending, then the other half about the new relationship.

    2. What? Surely that can’t be deducted from the song titles. Hope they release the lyrics of the song they are doing together, his album isn’t out till late May.
      OMG I just had a thought. What if he comes on stage at her concert and does a duet? I have to check his schedule to see if he is playing anywhere the nite I see her concert, July 31!
      Btw just read that a judge finalized the divorce from Gavin.

  11. The name of the song is brilliant! I mean… both were getting divorced at the same time and she has stated he was going through the “exatcly same thing”, so if both got cheated by Gavin and Miranda, I’m really hoping for another b*tch slap at Gavin… I mean if Naughty wasn’t enough!

    1. I get such a kick out of Naughty… I can picture her boys singing along to it in front of Gavin without realizing the meaning LOL

  12. Can’t believe Gwen is making me buy a country album lol I like Blake as a person but I don’t really like country, hopefully their duet won’t be TOO country..

    1. Have you seen Blake’s duet with a Christina A. On you- tube called Just a Fool?It’s is amazing and not country.

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