OPI Sneak Peeks Gwen’s New Line at Launch Event

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OPI had a launch event this morning in London which showcased and sneak peeked Gwen’s new nail lacquer line debuting in January to beauty insiders. The seven-shade collection (six included in the box set and a limited edition red called “Over & Over A-Gwen”) comes in a fabulous set with Gwen featured all over the packaging (which seem to have been changed verses the original leaked images). Thank you to all that shared from the event and we’re looking forward to more soon!

Also check out Flicks and Red Lips for a quick rundown of what to expect from the line.



7 Replies to “OPI Sneak Peeks Gwen’s New Line at Launch Event”

  1. Just because some fans are annoyed for only having this type of news from the band, it’s perfectly understandable for them not to be over the moon that Gwen is releasing a line of nail polish.
    As for the comments… The colors are pretty but hey are not “OH MY GOD! what amazing, new colors”. And yes, Gwen is very retouched on the photo they selected for the box.

  2. I really don’t know a thing about nail lacquer, but from what I’ve seen so far nothing about this line looks really spectecular. I don’t really see anything “Gwen” about it except that she’s on the packages. I think it’s cool to see her out there again, but she did have far more exciting projects/lines in the past.

  3. Fans are allowed to not be excited about a particular project, but it seems like over half of the people who read this site only leave excessively negative comments on every post that BSO works to write and the members of No Doubt work to make happen.

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