On The Set Of The Voice With The Hollywood Reporter (Updated)

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The Today Show has shared even more details from the set saying Gwen has a “maternal presence” on set, which they credit to her three boys. They also said that Gwen has been pretty “picky” during the selection process but was quick to console and offered many hugs to contestants.

Stefani and Williams, who have been buddies since they started making beautiful music together, such as Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” in 2004 and Williams’ “Can I Have It Like That” in 2005, are finding it difficult to adopt the playfully bad behavior and bickering banter of their fellow coaches. During the blind auditions for the upcoming season, the newbies often chose to turn around for the same contestants, but couldn’t bring themselves to say anything mean about the other when trying to convince singers to join their team.

Stefani and Williams may be playing a good-natured game, but Levine and Shelton appear to have thought up new ways to get to each other since we last saw them.

Although Stefani and Williams are being kind to their fellow judges, it certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t in it to win it. Each brings a very distinct coaching style to the show. Stefani has a maternal presence on set, which is no surprise since the No Doubt front woman is the mother to three boys. While she was very picky about which contestants she turned around for, she did her best to comfort those she didn’t choose, often going up on stage to provide a consoling hug.

Stefani and Williams may have very different coaching styles than Levine and Shelton, but the senior coaches appear to be doing their best to welcome their new fellow panelists and give them advice on how to succeed on the show. In fact, Levine even offered Stefani tips on how to achieve the perfect “leg up” stance while sitting in the Big Red Chair. Stefani didn’t quite master the move, but luckily she has a few months to get it right before the live episodes begin.


Entertainment Weekly also shared their inside scoop from the blind auditions (nothing really relevant to Gwen, but gives us more insight to the process).

The Hollywood Reporter has given us our first taste of The Voice and how Gwen was doing on set during the blind auditions last month.

Season seven of The Voice is set to premiere on NBC with a two-hour premiere on September 22.

Hollywood Reporter — Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams have joined The Voice for its seventh season, and while the two longtime friends and oft-collaborators effortlessly rocked the stage together just after the announcement was made, how will they handle competing against each other as coaches? Will viewers see more Shakira-like maternal instincts or Usher-type exercises (literally)? And how are veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton stepping up their own singing-show game?

Ahead of the show’s Sept. 22 return to NBC, The Hollywood Reporter stopped by The Voice’s Universal Studios Backlot soundstage on the fourth day of the blind auditions to size up the season 7 coaches and their recruiting strategies:

2. Stefani prioritizes technical ability. On the other hand, Stefani — the only coach who was often seen writing quickly in a notebook between auditions — tended to share critiques about stage presence, emotional delivery and vocal stylings. “I feel like your voice is already on the radio!” she told one singer, while telling another, “It felt young, a little Disney, … If we work together, we can get you to grow more. Nobody’s perfect.” She’s admittedly not a fan of “vocal Olympics,” or when singers try too many runs or change up melodies for a rendition that’s uninteresting. “I’m sensitive to that,” she said.

4. Stefani plays both sides. While judges Christina Aguilera and Shakira often touted their girl-power sensibilities and maternal instincts to lure female contestants, Stefani took a more lighthearted approach. “Do you like clothes? I have so many clothing lines, it’s crazy! I can hook you up, I can so hook you up!” she promises one female singer. And when a male performer is up for grabs, she plays her “boy” card by noting that she’s in band with a ton of guys, and is married to Gavin Rossdale.

5. They’re rejection-ready. Though the two are new to the show, they both had their consolation speeches ready. “I’m super sorry, it just breaks my heart. … it’s a lot of pressure to be up there,” said Stefani without a stutter. They even used their newness to their advantage: Stefani told one singer, “You’re on The Voice right now, how crazy is that? I’m on The Voice too, that’s new,” and Pharrell also said, “I’ve just been listening to the song — that’s actually been a bad habit of mine, because I’m new to this, and then before you know it, the song’s [over].”

7. Hugging is suddenly fun. Whether recruited to a team or otherwise, Stefani usually started a string of hugs from all four coaches for a contestant. And after she stood up to embrace a teary and speechless auditionee onstage, Shelton shouted, “Have you [already] picked her for your coach for that? That’s bullcrap!”

8. They fight quite nicely. When Pharrell and Stefani saw themselves solely eyeing the same contestant for the first time in the season, Shelton stated, “They’re gonna nice each other to death,” while Levine added, “They’re gonna fight each other with rainbows and happiness.” Accordingly, Pharrell let “my bae and my boo” Stefani have the floor first, to which Shelton commented, “See? The first handful of cotton candy has been thrown!” And as they patted each other on the back instead of shooting the other down, Levine noted, “It’s like watching a candy cane sword fight over here!”

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  1. Sounds like Gwen will really bring something interesting to the show. I love that she hates what is essentially glorified karaoke. Being a great performer is more than just hitting notes.

  2. JENNY, will we be able to download « the voice s7 » on the site BOS for the no-americans ?
    otherwise there was already good streaming for season 6

  3. For copyright reasons, I won’t be able to post downloads for the upcoming season. I will have each episode up with either a stream or links to find them! I’ll try and hook everyone up the best I can. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I’m not North American too and I’ll try to watch the episodes online. If I wait to watch it on the TV, Imma get them 1 week after.

  5. Guys, you won’t need to come here for links (or put Jenny.in an awkward position to supply). They will be out there and easy to find. Google.com will solve all your probs 🙂

  6. I really hope this whole Gwen-Pharrell BFF thing won’t be THAT annoying lol. I could see people being easily turned off by this… It’s a competition after all.

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