Rumor Patrol: Infamous House On Beacon Ave. Up For Sale?

Now this breaks our heart. The house that Gwen grew up in, and the infamous house on Beacon Ave. in Anaheim (which many fans consider our “Grace-land”) is now up for sale. The photos above were taken by me when I visited the No Doubt landmark last summer (yes, yes, I had tears in our eyes when arriving). Listed on, you can see the last offerings for the home, and see that it was last purchased in 2003 (which was said to be one of Gwen’s cousins). Wanna hear what should happen to the house? Gwen should buy it, then open it to crazy No Doubt fans like us and charge at the door. Anyone else into that idea?


Okay, after clearly reading the fine print, it says that the house is NOT FOR SALE.

Looking around property records is the most feasible option if you are seeking information for 1173 W Beacon Ave. Although this property is not for sale, but we do have a list of similar Anaheim homes for sale.

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  1. This is going to sound so pretentious but…

    When I met Gwen a few years back while I was working at Z100 in NYC, I showed her the pics of me visiting the house. She told me her cousins live there now and that they don’t mind strangers taking pictures so much – just don’t go knocking on the door lol.

    So, No Doubters, feel free to take all the pics you want over there!

    Here are my shots from when I went to the house. Ahhh, such good memories:

  2. When I first saw this, I was getting ready to buy it myself so I could give it to the band if they didn’t buy it. That house needs to be made into a museum or something!

  3. Thanks for the address!! This is cool, and BSO needs to turn this house into a museum and display all your memorabilia!!

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