Official “Spark The Fire” Single Artwork


Yes! Check out the new official artwork for Gwen’s second single “Spark The Fire” from her upcoming album. It’s so freaking rad and so Gwen! She shared the single artwork with an interactive panda animation on her official site.

The cloud theme returns and Gwen is seen wearing the same outfit in the music video for “Spark The Fire”. Super kawaii for sure!

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani.

36 Replies to “Official “Spark The Fire” Single Artwork”

  1. Love the cover! This sky and clouds thing seems to be theme of this era. The song is ok… I think it lacks a proper chorus, but the intro and the breakdown are amazing! Not the best Gwen/Pharrell collaboration, but better than “Breaking Up” and “Orange County Girl” imo.

  2. The song is awesome. Finally just heard it in HQ. This now feels like a comeback. I love BDL but STF is what I’ve been waiting for.

  3. I hope the leak pushes her to release it ASAP. The pose on the cover is odd, but at least it’s different I guess. It seems like this era had a “cartoon” type theme.

  4. Artwork: Wow I love it… Listened to the leak and: WOW I love it… It feels like everything they said really and I’m just soooo excited!!! 😀

  5. I’m so excited for this single. I feel like Gwen has another big hit in her hands. I just hope Gwen starts promoting the hell out of it though.

  6. Oh God, that’s great, I think the song is gonna be on itunes at midnight (The song leaked so…), and a performance on Ellen tomorrow? and after that on The Voice?

    This is so excited

  7. Finally!!! I’m glad she got it all together lol… Bring on the color, the art, and the fashion Gwennie Gwen Gwen!!! I bet y’all she used up her video budget for spark the fire lol

  8. She’s not wearing any pants …I just dislike her wearing those white tights all the time …she has amazing legs … show them off or at least wear sheer tights …The white tights gotta go ….

  9. I don’t get it… Why did you all assume it was going to be on iTunes already? It’s not a mess, the song leaked and they are teasing a video, that’s it. She is likely to give a date on Ellen. They are building anticipation for the song to give it a boost and push for better sales #’s.
    BTW… looking at the teaser, I think people got it wrong when they said BDL was the song “originally chosen” to the FIAT commercial. FIAT paid for STF, not BDL.

  10. Just found this info on the TV listing for today’s Ellen show: “Musician Gwen Stefani from “The Voice” is interviewed and performs her new single, “Baby Don’t Lie””

    That’s awesome, if true. I really want to see/hear BDL live at least once.

  11. LOVE gwen and no doubt forever and always..but this cover is a lil cheesy to me.. still excited tho love the song! <3

    1. i don’t agree,
      IMO this cover is not cheesy,
      one year ago, Avril Lavigne delivered “Hello Kitty”in the same graphic
      and she is only thirty years.

      i would say the cover is a ” young idea “

  12. a lil too young for my taste…not crazy for it.. sorry…and avril is wack to me i really dont care about the cover tbh..just the music..but thats just my Op.

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