Official “Shine” Lyric Video Preview

Check out a preview of the high-quality version of Gwen’s latest song with Pharrell Williams, “Shine”, featured in the upcoming family comedy, Paddington. The official lyric video was shared by The Weinstein Company and features clips from the movie alongside the track. Though it doesn’t seem to be included on the physical soundtrack, we’re hopeful that the full version of “Shine” will be available to purchase soon. Paddington hits US theaters this Friday, January 16.

Producer Harvey Weinstein says of the song, “Pharrell and Gwen’s song ‘Shine’ perfectly captures the fun, playful spirit of Paddington and it’s incredibly exciting to have a genius duo like these two lending their voices to the movie.” Gwen said herself that she wanted the lyrics to have an “uplifting theme” after seeing the film.

What do you think of Gwen and Pharrell’s new track “Shine” so far?

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  1. Hey, this version cuts out a whole other Gwen verse (before Pharrell) comes in. In the leaked version, I don’t even believe Pharrell sings in the first chorus. Then it goes to a second Gwen verse, then the chorus where Pharrell joins in. I hope it’s just a shortened version for the video and the real release has the whole song.

  2. OMG! It’s too cute, had tears in my eyes, I think this is one those films I will cry my eyes out just like I did with An American Tail and The Secret of NIHM…

    1. I’m the same way! I’ve wanted to see it since last summer when I saw the trailer in the theaters. It’s such a bonus that a new track from Gwen is in the movie!

  3. I didn’t see where it said clip/preview. And yeah I think the song is wonderful (especially the full version that builds to Pharrell joining in).

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL is it me or did they just focus on the PHARREL PART (Of the song) AND EDITED IGNORED AND AVOIDED GWEN’S ONE? lul..

  5. i guess I haven’t followed anything but when did this stop being a No Doubt song or am I totally on crack on that one?

  6. Because the song it’s not featured in all contries. UK and Brazil dont have Shine at the end, the OST is universal, most movies do that, and later on release a version with all the songs played on the movie (songs not written for it) and the themes that were left out.

  7. It has a very No Doubt feel! Love love love this! Pharrell sounds very old school gwen-like towards the end there..please make more quality music like this!!!!!

  8. The song is the theme track for the US release right? So… the movie comes out on the US on Friday (16th). It’s likely to show up on iTunes US on that day. Not sure on when there will be an international release.

    1. Really? 3 1/2 out of 5 stars is harsh? I think RS was quite fair. “Shine” is a cute song about a little bear for a kids movie, but it’s far from being a brilliant song. I mean, the lyrics ARE corny and silly, but that’s ok because it’s a song about Paddington bear lol. I don’t see how RS was harsh at all…

  9. Of course we’re all fans and of course we’d want every song by Gwen/ND to get rave reviews and 5/5 ratings, but sometimes we just need to be a little more realistic I guess 😉 I mean, if I made a rating of Gwen’s songs myself, WYWF would be a 5/5 and compared to that, I just couldn’t give “Shine” more than maybe a 2/5 tbh.

  10. You can’t compare songs like that, though. You can’t compare Spark the Fire to Shine or What You Waiting For? cause they’re different genres. Besides, the context of Shine is different than any of her albums.
    For a kids’ movie, Shine is more than average. It’s very rich melodically and the lyrics totally resonate to the movie. But hey to each their own. Reviews are subjective anyway.

    1. Well, of course I can compare songs by one specific artist based on how much I like them lol. We have polls that rate and rank Gwen’s/ND’s album, singles, videos, tours and artworks all the time here on BSO and nobody ever goes “Well uhm you can’t really compare this and that…”. Of course it’s always subjective.

      WYWF is among my favorite solo songs along with many others, which are all different genres. And compared to these songs, which I consider – based on my personal taste – as “good”, all of Gwen’s new songs are below “average” for me personally.

      See, I also like “Shine” for what it is. But if for some reason I could never listen to it again in my whole life, nothing would really change for me. There are many other Gwen songs that I would miss a lot more.

  11. What I meant is that you can rate a song isolated from the artist’s catalog. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. lol I’m off to bed.

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