Update: Official ‘Misery (Remixed)’ EP Available Now

Photo courtesy of Interscope
Photo courtesy of Interscope


The new Misery (Remixed) EP is available now on iTunes and features three new remixes of Gwen’s latest single courtesy of Lincoln Jesser, Division 4 & Matt Consola (extended remix) and a club mix by Steven Redant.

You can stream and purchase the EP now on Apple Music and iTunes for $2.99 or you an purchase individually for $1.29. The EP has also made it’s way to Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.


New artwork and confirmation of the first official remix track of “Misery” is set to be available this Friday, June 24. Lincoln Jesser shared a quick preview of his remix and posted that Gwen had reached out to him personally for his take on her latest single. The artwork features a gorgeous still shot of Gwen taken on-set of the “Misery” music video.

There hasn’t been any mention as of yet if fans could expect a remix EP like Interscope has done previously with “Make Me Like You” or on it’s own. It sounds pretty rad and you’ll be able to pick up the Lincoln Jesser remix everywhere digitally on Friday. We’ll share direct links to purchase the track once they’re available.

Check out a preview clip below courtesy of Lincoln Jesser.

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    1. Well, Gwen is in France today for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (where she is headlining the exclusive Viacom after-party) and earlier in the day she tweeted this pic with the caption “South of France”:


      Not sure how the photo relates to France or the Viacom gig, but if I had to guess, it kind of looks like possibly a French fashion magazine photo-shoot or more likely (note: the dip-dyed ponytail) another video backdrop shoot with Sophie or… a music video shoot for the next single? 🙂 What do you think?

      1. Ah okay, or perhaps this was just a shot of Gwen “backstage” in one of the rooms of the historic Château de la Napoule where the show took place. 🙂 Have just seen the photos posted by Jenny and she’s definitely sporting this hairstyle for the show and also a gown very similar to the one in the earlier twitter photo.

  1. Can’t wait to hear this mix in full! A bit hard to judge from a super-short 14 sec clip, but I’m liking what I hear. Am actually a fan of remixes and my fave from this era so far has been the Sad Money remix of MMLY. That one was really dope and the juxtaposition of the song’s happy vibe with a “sad trombone” loop was just brilliant for me. As Gwen herself has said, and I paraphrase here, songs are songs and it’s actually production that for the most part determines genre. So the interesting thing for me with remixes is seeing the original production stripped away from a song and how a different arrangement/production changes the composition. For instance, in the original production of MMLY, the underlying guitar riff was very reminiscent of The Cardigan’s “Lovefool” hence drawing a lot of comparisons between the two, but in the remixes, sans that riff, you can clearly discern that the two songs are totally melodically distinct.

    Although I’ve not seen any actual official confirmation as yet, it does seem this will be an EP (apparently titled “Misery Remixed”), so yippee for more remixes. Some good “unofficial” ones have of course already cropped up on YouTube, my fave being this one (“Misery” Hamang Club Tropical House Remix):


    For anyone interested in remixes, I highly recommend checking this one out. Not only is the arrangement and production quality amazing on this track, but they also “remixed” the official Misery video to sync with the audio remix, which is really cool! So to tide the time while we’re waiting for the midnight release of the EP, go watch that! 🙂

  2. Meh… all those remixes are quite boring imho. Why do they even release remix EPs? The remixes of UTLY, BDL and MMLY didn’t do anything for the actual single.

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