Official Met Gala 2013 Post

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How excited is everyone to see what Gwen will wear to the Met Gala tonight? The theme this year is “Punk: Chaos to Couture” (with heavy emphasis on designers like Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren). Right up Gwen’s alley! We’re sure she’s gonna look AMAZING!

We will be following and sharing the latest updates and photos from the event as it happens.

7PM EST: Gwen just tweeted again about how excited she is and shared a picture of her and Gavin’s tickets! Rad!


7:30PM EST: And we get our first look! Gavin just tweeted this picture of them en route to the gala with the caption “Date Night”. We can’t wait to see the rest!!



8:25PM EST: Gwen tweeted that she is “SO excited” to wear designer Margiela to the ball tonight.


8:55PM EST: The first picture of Gwen on the red carpet! We LOVE that dress and she looks so stunning!!


Be sure to check the gallery within the next few days for all of the pictures we’re sure that will turn up!

34 Replies to “Official Met Gala 2013 Post”

  1. I loove the outfit but she could have switch the hair since she is rocking that hairstyle everyday. Gavin is so sexual looking lol

  2. Just an FYI, on Margiela tags, the (0) means it was remodeled by hand just for G! Very cool! 🙂

    & i second that Gavin does need eye drops lol

  3. hitulikerambo:
    Interesting the (0) comments
    So that dress is haute couture then? I have a pair of boots from Martin Margiela and number 22 is circled. What does (22) means?

    thanks in advance

  4. She looks really good she’s flawless as always!! I think the hair is nice…maybe she use the hair in that way because is about the punk thing etc…

  5. oh ok
    I just found out that this year theme for the MET gala is “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” that’s explain the hair

  6. Wow, with the theme being punk and her love for Vivienne Westwood I was expecting a lot more.

    1. I KNOW! This was too safe and glam for an event celebrating a more punk rock aesthetic. You’d think she would have done something more costume-y and haute couture. This is too safe and vanilla for me. I also just plain don’t like the design of the dress, especially that peek-a-boo stomach.

  7. @JXSXPX – I agree, I’m not feeling it either. She always looks pretty, but this was a moment to show up all of the other celebrities and bring something edgy and dramatic and downright punk, which she totally could have done.

  8. Gavin is very sexy
    Guys I saw from a website another dress she worn it was black at the whole right side and white at the upper left side and it has a dramatic slit. She was showing a lot. It reminded me of the J.Lo at the grammys of this year. Can someone upload that photo?

  9. Yeah that skirt looks like someone just wrapped butcher paper around her legs. Anyone know who designed the suit for Gavin?

  10. I think she looks incredible, but yeah, this was the Met Ball, I would have loved to see something more crazy and costume-y.

  11. That’s a suit Adrian would wear! LOL Love it, but he should have worn a hat too! I dig Gwen’s bow look. It’s funky and hot. She pulled it off. Don’t like the 2nd dress though.

  12. David B
    Yessssssssss that is the dress that I like, this is more punk than the Margiela top+skirt

  13. Gavin 100% high you can tell! Most of HOLLYWOOD are cocaine Users I know both G&G do do Cocaine…. I was told by a dealer that deals to the stars You would not believe some of the drugs these Celebs do! Someone very very famous that we all love is a secret Heroin addict……Ohh I was also told that Gwen take diet pills Phentermine and Adderall to stay a size 0-2 and she also takes Clenbuterol Vicodin for her Neck and Xanax for her Anxiety

  14. No LIL they dont this is inside information from someone that previously worked with and for Gwen…

  15. wait, are you saying that 90s rockstars have a history of doing cocaine and other drugs? I’m shocked!

  16. I don’t think they do cocaine at all. As much as I hate to admit it though, I think Gwen does some pretty drastic things to keep her body looking the way it does. I’m sure we are all better off not knowing the real truth about celebrity bodies, haha.

  17. @D. If this is insider information it should be kept that way. regardless of who the person is, youre invading their privacy by spreading private info.

    Who the hell cares what drugs gwen uses.? leave that up to people who are close to her tocare.

    Would you want some one listing yours or someone close to you prescription drugs online for strangers to see?

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