“Baby Don’t Lie” Official Remixes (Updated)

Check out new official remixes of “Baby Don’t Lie by Kaskade & KillaGraham and Dave Matthias shared on Gwen’s YouTube page. We hope a remix EP is on the way soon!

Sources are reporting that the Kaskade and KillaGraham remix will be available to purchase on January 6.

21 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Official Remixes (Updated)”

  1. Finally! Some remixes! 🙂 I wonder if this will be released in the UK next month. I think they did the same with Settle Down.

  2. I like this remix but the original is still better. But that’s not the point with these remixes anyway. I hope there’s more uptempo / banger remixes coming though.

  3. I don’t get why Gwen needs to have remixes of her songs (same goes for ND)… Most of them are horrible. There are only few remixes that I find good: Ex-Girlfriend (Psycho Ex Remix), Bathwater (Invincible Overlord Remix) and It’s My Life (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix).

  4. 90% of the remixes released by any other artists are forgettable but it’s a way to keep people interested on the original. Plus remixes are played at clubs and these actually sound great at such places.

  5. Yeah, I think that for some reason No Doubt doesn’t sound good remixed. Their sound is already so unique!
    I’m more excited about Gwen solo remixes though. WYWF?, Cool and 4 In the Morning are some of my favourite remixed songs. Oh I also loved Wind It Up (Kissy Sell Out Remix)!

  6. This one is a cool remix. sometimes the remixes end up wayyyy better than original version. I think more than half of J.Lo discography are remixes and are great music for work out lol Also Madonna on her tours ends up doing remixes of her songs sometimes work (I not really a fan) and others not.

  7. Yeah the Dave Matthias remix is more upbeat but I guess I prefer the other one. The voice is sped up… I’m not much into EDM either.

  8. I’ve been to almost every spot in LA and several in NYC and have never heard annnny of the remixes released throughout the years lol

  9. I think remixes are pretty pointless tbh. They don’t do anything for the original single unless they have a hot feature (remember how Katy Perry got all those #1s during her Teenage Dream era – every single had a remix with features acts like Kanye, Missy etc.). Clubs don’t really play these remixes either, because they usually have their DJs make their own remixes.

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