nOir Jewelry Blogs About Gwen’s Elle Cover

Gwen has been known for loving nOir jewelery (she’s even relied on them for her L.A.M.B. runway shows!) and they are giving back the love praising her for being just all around amazing and wearing the line during her Elle UK photo shoot. We LOVE the Dino cuff she’s wearing on the cover.

nOir — Our favorite platinum blond, Gwen Stefani, has become quite the nOir lover these days! This time, she’s gracing the cover of Elle UK’s April issue in our pave bone cuff, and on the inside she’s sporting the all metal version which rocked the runway for her L.A.M.B show last month.

In the video below, she’s also wearing a bouquet of silver flowers in her hair that we custom made for this shoot. Its great that Gwen is loving us these days, because we are FOR SURE loving her.

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