Thanks to Lucas for sending in, local music blog site (for me anyways) is listing No Doubt #3 on the most anticiapted album for 2008, and they have some really nice things to say about them!

Album Title: Not Yet Known

Released when: Sometime 2008

Recording in: Los Angeles

Sounds Like: No Doubt are reportedly going back to their ska roots for their forthcoming album. Band members Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young have been working on new material for the band since 2006. Gwen Stefani hinted to NME that the album would go back to No Doubt’s original sound. She said: “I’m coming to the end of a chapter, doing my own dance records. I don’t want to say for sure that it’ll be ska but that it is where we started.”

Tony Kanal told, ‘We’ve been doing this so long that if we try to set a place to go to, we’ll never get there. So we’re letting that road unfold in front of us. I’m sure we’ll have the same influences, all the reggae and rock stuff we grew up on, and a bunch more, so we can go in a different direction as well.’

Why The Pier is excited: Ok we all know this could go either way, depending on what direction the band takes. However, No Doubt has always been able to manage to write a great song, so if it returns to its ska/reggae roots we all may be able to put that ‘banana’s shit’ finally behind us. In saying that though its new wave rock songs on Rock Steady were some of the best rock tunes No Doubt has ever written throughout its career. Eitherway the return of No Doubt is eagerly anticipated.

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