No Doubt Rank High On O.C.’s 101 Celebrities Of All Time

Both No Doubt and Gwen have ranked pretty high on Orange County Register’s new list of the top 101 local celebrities of all time. We expected them to take some of the top spots! Much deserved!

OC Register — Why yes! These are the top 101 O.C. celebrities of all time! How do we know? We picked ’em! Did Gwen Stefani make the list? Duh. John Wayne? Double duh. But what about Kristy Swanson? And oh! Rebecca Black and the Octomom? What, pray tell, of that silent movie comic most famous who was subject to one of the first-ever celebrity murder trials? What about our luscious twins of B-movie stardom? Were we able to squeeze them, too?

#15 No Doubt
No Doubt, which came out of Anaheim, was the biggest band of the late ’90s and early ’00s to come out of Orange County, with huge album sales and concerts, and the music of the quartet proving it wasn’t just the Gwen Stefani show. Fans were ecstatic when the group regrouped for tours more recently.

#3 Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani is just a girl from Orange County who struck it big, first through the group No Doubt, then as a solo artist, then as a fashion icon, designer, celebrity mother and wife, and so forth and so on. She doesn’t live here anymore, and at times seems to be teetering on “I’m Madonna with an English accent” affectations, but we think she’s still just a girl and that’s just fine.

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