No Doubt Included on 10 Years of iTunes

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To celebrate the anniversary of the program, iTunes (US version) has compiled a list of the top selling songs of the last 10 years and No Doubt have come in on the list with some very impressive numbers!

Did you know that No Doubt’s “It’s My Life” was the #3 selling song on iTunes back in 2003? Woah! Gwen also came up high with “Hollaback Girl” being the #2 selling song in 2005 and “The Sweet Escape” coming in at #1 in 2007. Pretty incredible!

Thank you to Dyylannn for sharing the rankings.

4 Replies to “No Doubt Included on 10 Years of iTunes”

  1. Hollaback Girl was also the first song to sell 1 million digital downloads!

    This sure is her shit!

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