No Doubt Discuss "Happy Now?" In Third Video From New Series; YouTube Video Added


In the new video, the band gets together and talks about “Happy Now?” this time (eeek!) and Tom mentions that it was a song that Gwen just had the lyrics and melody in her head with no music. Gwen calls the song “controversial” and the “perfect revenge song.” Tom says he remembers the lyrics being a little “harsh” in dealing with Gwen and Tony’s relationship, but Tony and Gwen were still best friends “in a way” at the time. It’s funny, Tony tells the story about during the writing of Return of Saturn, he was in the shower and came out of it listening to KROQ when a DJ announced on the radio after “Happy Now?” was on said “Take that, Tony.” It’s actually refreshing seeing Tony and Gwen talk about it, together on film, something we hardly got to see. Tom said that it was weird how when Tragic Kingdom came out, all the press was revolving around Tony and Gwen, but in reality, Tony was the one pushing Gwen to write about her feelings. Tom does say that he thinks the band should play “Happy Now?” for the upcoming tour, saying it’s on the “possible list!” Woo! Tony and Gwen both agree that the tone of the song was more of a f*** you then being hurt.



Thanks to Jillan and a big THANK YOU to No Doubt, the band actually uploaded the video to their YouTube channel, finally! They probably saw me complaining, lol. Anywho, it also looks like they took down their tour announcement though, uh oh. Anyways, here’s the band talking about “Happy Now?”

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