New York Radio Press Interviews (Updated)

This past Friday, Gwen sat down with a few local radio stations while in New York for a batch of new interviews including 95.5 PLJ and 106.1 BLI. She hosted the press event and opened up about her new album and finding her confidence again along the way.

95.5 PLJ

Jayde and Annie
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Gwen says that sharing her new music has been a healing process for her and feels shocked that people have embraced her album so well.

Gwen admits that she felt “really low” for a while and since she’s had such a long career often wondered how she could compete with herself. She says that she’s always felt insecure about songwriting since it’s something she never knew she could do before writing Tragic Kingdom. Gwen reflects on writing “Just a Girl” saying that it was never written to be a statement but more of a personal observation of herself while growing up as a woman.

“The one thing that feels so different about this record, but that’s also so familiar, is just to be doing it for myself. I didn’t do this record because I want to be sitting here right now…” Gwen says again that is album was made for herself and depended so much on it “save herself”. She said that she really pushed herself to overcome her insecurities and fears of songwriting.


Fresh 102.7


106.1 BLI

The interview is set to air sometime next week.

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  1. Mmly is getting good airplay in NYC now and is pretty heavily promoted on fresh 102.7 and on plj after these interviews… I must have heard the song 3-4 times today while flipping thru stations during an hour long car ride. Think mmly has some traction internationally too – heard the song passing thru an airport duty free shop in Taiwan =0) Yay!

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