New Windows Phone Campaign Coming Soon?

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Ooh! While sneaking on video editor’s Victor Jory’s website we found a teaser photo from what looks like a new Windows Phone campaign commercial with Gwen that he’s working on!

We’re not 100% sure when it will be out or what it is, but we’re excited and intrigued! In it, it looks like Gwen is using her Windows Phone in the Harajuku Mini (gathering from the kids in the background and the jacket) showroom. We’ll keep you posted! It’s great to see the campaign continuing with Gwen and we’re excited to see what’s next.

Also if you check out Victor’s Reel mini film, a portion of the commercial (from the still above) is featured in the video for a few seconds.

11 Replies to “New Windows Phone Campaign Coming Soon?”

  1. So cool, I hope it’ll be another commercial. And don’t foreget to get one of the songs from P&S into it Gwen. You never know… Gotta keep the promotion rolling 😉

  2. They should use Easy for a commercial, maybe not this one. Sometimes certain songs become huge after people seeing commercials…

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