New Song Titles Hint to Possible Holiday Album (Updated)

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Photo courtesy of Target/Entertainment Weekly

Possible new song titles with Gwen listed as writer have been popping up on a few publishing sites which have fans excited for new music. She shared recently with Weekender that she’s planning on releasing something this year but wouldn’t divulge any more details.

With the latest batch of song titles found on, fans may be getting something from Gwen that we haven’t had before — a holiday album. Titles registered on the German website include “Christmas Eve”, “My Gift Is You”, “Under the Christmas Lights” and “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”, the latter co-written with Blake Shelton.

Writing credits listed on the site are as follows:

“Christmas Eve” — Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee
“My Gift Is You” — Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee
“Under The Christmas Lights” — Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee
“When I Was A Little Girl” — Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee
“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” — Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Blake Shelton, Busbee

Another new song titled “Never Kissed Anyone with Blue Eyes Before You” also surfaced on BMI last week that credits Gwen, Justin Tranter and Busbee as song writers, too.

It seems that Gwen is reuniting with close friend and writing partner Justin Tranter again, whom worked with her on This Is What the Truth Feels Like, and producer/songwriter Busbee. Busbee has written for some of pop and country’s biggest names over the last decade including Blake Shelton, Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum.

For what it’s worth, celebrity gossip website Radar Online reported in 2016 that Gwen and Blake were planning “a Christmas album” together but listed unnamed sources for the information. Busbee shared a photo on Instagram in March with Gwen in the background in what looks like a recording studio (which has since been removed). Interestingly enough, a video was also shared previously by Busbee (which a fan had found and reposted on Twitter) which features musicians recording what sounds like a holiday-tinged song which ends on what fans are believing with a hint of vocals from Gwen in the background with producer Eric Valentine.

We’re super excited and intrigued and if it’s true, we could possibly see a release in the next few months. By the titles and collaborators, we’re kind of anticipating a more low-key, folky sound which fits Gwen’s vocals quite nicely and would be a fun direction for her to go into. She could also go into a totally different and unexpected direction and a project like this would give her the opportunity to collaborate with multiple artists.

Make sure to keep your eyes on this post for the latest updates!

42 Replies to “New Song Titles Hint to Possible Holiday Album (Updated)”

  1. You are just assuming all of this. Where did you get the song titles? 1 of them is a Neil Diamond song and another is a Disney love song. This information seems bogus.

    1. They are listed on the link that I listed above. I searched for them using Gwen as the writer/publisher and the majority of them are found using the title containing “Christmas” option. They seem legit but obviously nothing has been confirmed at this time. It’s all just speculation.

      1. I’ve noticed that the site is German… It just seems a little bit weird, no? Usually her songs are registered on BMI or ASCAP…

        1. Yeah, it does seem a little strange and I had trouble finding them at first. It’s fun to speculate and hopefully we’ll get confirmation sooner rather than later.

          1. That site also has the “Blue Eyes” song registered amongst other old songs. I guess it’s reliable…

  2. Just a heads up, on the site there’s also a song called “My Gift Is You”, same writers including Busbee.

  3. This is definitely serious, the GEMA site is accurate (I’m german). In USA you have ASCAP, BMI and SESAC as collecting societies (as far as I know) and in Germany it’s GEMA. It’s normal to register your songs when you want to earn your royalty when it’s played on radio, tv, films, concerts. And damn, I hope they’ll play those new songs a looooot here in germany :-)))

  4. Gwen commented on Busbee’s IG of him and others in horns (9 & 7 june) which one of them he replied with christmas tree emoji and another post pair of feet that looked like G in her vans checker shoes in 16 march.

  5. I’m from Germany and GEMA is a well known organisation here that makes sure artists get money whenever their songs are played on the radio/get streamed. This is reliable 🙂

  6. She always said she wanted to do an entire album of collaborations…this could be her chance…her xmas album. I hope its more like jewels (meaning classy) and not all pop like a Britney album.

  7. So excited! This looks legit to me. When you have the song titles and writers listed and they are legit writers… Love Christmas albums and this is the best news! Hoping for a holiday duet with Blake too.
    Already picturing the staging, snow falling, twinkle lights, winter coats– all of it, if there is a video or guest spots on say The Voice or other shows.
    I think it will be powerful with some sentiment and nostalgia.
    Christmas albums have fewer songs but shouldn’t there be more than the ones listed?

    1. Maybe the rest will be covers of classic Christmas songs and that’s why they are not listed. I could see her recording a version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

      I wonder if it will be modern pop songs or rather “classical” sounding productions. I’d love this to have a jazz-ish, big band-ish kinda vibe tbh.

      1. I can only think of her You’re the Boss cover. I really hope so. I read that Sia’s album will be jazzy… Well, at least there will be some horns lol So a ska inspired carol wouldn’t be too farfetched…

      2. I really love her voice on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! Anyone remember the Voice coaches singing that song?

      3. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas would have been a top choice and she would have been soulful on it but sadly it is not included.
        You are right about the mix tho of traditional and a few news ones. I just don’t like the usual Jingle bells and others when I see them on an album and she has that on there.

        1. Part of me hopes that the track listing that was leaked is incorrect. It could very easily have been faked by a fan who knew the Gwen original song titles and tacked on a few Christmas classics…we’ll see I guess. I’m excited either way, and I really hope this is a precursor to another full blown album…like to build hype for a spring release with a few singles beforehand.

  8. Yeah usually this kind of albums is half originals/half covers. I hope Gwen picks some nice classics to cover. I’d love to hear her singing Santa Baby, with that cute girly voice. 🙂

  9. There really aren’t that many Christmas albums out each season and nothing memorable comes to mind.
    Smart to fill that void. Those are good suggestions — Santa Baby, yes ! Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas– love that idea too. Everyone should tweet her your suggestions, she reads them.
    I know Mariah– All I Want for Christmas is her signature, but would like Gwen to do her own version.

  10. A jazzy, Big Band classic kind of sound a la You’re the Boss (which I love!) would be amazing, but seeing Justin Tranter as the producer I’d say that’s highly unlikely…probably a more polished modern sound like on Truth.

  11. Justin Tranter never produces. He’s just a co-writer. It’s more likely that Busbee is the producer.

  12. Trojan records has multiple reggae/ska compilations. Imagining Gwen do at least one song like those would be great.

  13. Meh …. am I the only one that is not happy about a Blake and Gwen Collab album? Just so cheesy and over rated….when Gwen hinted at new music , I was excited because I wanted a new album of something u can play all year round…christmas albums are so not Gwen in my opinion. I miss punk/rock/pop Gwen … I don’t want to hear folk , country , Blake Shelton songs from her. Being a fan of her for over 20 years now, I miss the Gwen I originally fell in love with in the mid 90s dearly.

      1. I don’t understand this logic. No one is a fan of an artist because their output is available for purchase.

        TBH I’m kinda shocked at how many fans are excited about this. This xmas album, if it’s true, is just another step on a strange and unfortunate path she has been on since after P&S. This is just my opinion and I wish her all the success in the world but the G that has inspired me for the past 20+ years seems to be gone. It’s like all her efforts now are to make herself a one dimensional pop tabloid personality. Ah well.

    1. It’s a Gwen Christmas album. It looks like she and Blake wrote one song and will maybe do a duet. Blake can do other then country, one of recent number one songs was more pop sounding than country. Kind of sounded like something Maroon 5 woould do.
      Anyway, it would be smart for her to do a duet with Blake so they can maybe perform it on The Voice and she gets the exposure to several million viewers and the chance to promote the album.

  14. I am also not thrilled. I think most artists just make holiday albums as a quick way to make cash. Maybe Gwen has a great passion for Christmas music? Good for her. I will def listen to it with open ears and hope I am suprised and love it. It’s easy to do classic Christmas songs, but writing a new Christmas hit is rare. I wish Gwen all the success in the world.

    1. It looks like she did write a couple on here. Most only do an entire list of traditional ones and how many different ways can you do jingle bells.? So already she is ahead of the curve.
      In past years there haven’t been many to choose from so smart girl to be planning ahead, working in the spring and being ready to roll this out ahead of anyone else.

  15. Gwen is in South Korea for a G70’s launch show tomorrow (Sept 15th). There are several photos on her Instagram about it (instastories and feed)

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