New Song List Section Launched

Photo courtesy of No Doubt
Photo courtesy of No Doubt

Check out our new Song List section that we’ve launched where you’ll find a comprehensive list of available songs, live mixes and remixes released by No Doubt and Gwen over the years. We’ve notated where some of the obscure songs may be found (most on out-of-print CD singles and compilations) so fans will be able to track them down to complete their collections. You can also find links to purchase most songs digitally and they have been separated under both No Doubt and Gwen Stefani. We’ve excluded rare demos, collaborations, unreleased songs and live covers which you can find in our A-Z lyrics archive.

Let us know what you think and please feel free to reach out if we’re missing anything. We thought this would a nice and neat list for fans to track down what they’re looking for or possibly discovering something new from the band. Enjoy!

Click here to visit our new Song List section.

6 Replies to “New Song List Section Launched”

  1. Is there any chance there is a high quality copy of the “Start A War” Live performance? I doubt a studio release or leak will ever happen, and I would love to hear a high quality recording of the live performance. Possibly an official recording as opposed to phone recordings? I love that song, so beautiful!

    1. Fortunately for us there are a few nice quality versions of it available on YouTube. I believe it may be one of the songs Gwen scrapped from her first-attempt at another solo album. “Start a War” is beautiful, but possibly due to it’s nature, subject matter and timing, I can’t see her releasing it anytime soon. Though since it resonates as a fan favorite still after just one performance, hopefully it does inspire her (and/or Interscope) to release it in the future. I would love to hear it.

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