Gwen’s New Single “Make Me Like You” Releasing Feb. 12 (Updated)


Gwen has confirmed that her single “Make Me Like You” will be released on February 12 prior to filming the first-ever live music video during Monday night’s Grammy awards telecast! The video will be captured and later shared online on Vevo as the official music video.


“Make Me Like You” has since been removed from the All Access site. The single still has yet to be confirmed or announced by Gwen and/or Interscope.


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Screen capture courtesy of has revealed that Gwen’s new single, “Make Me Like You”, is set to be impacting Top 40/Mainstream radio starting Tuesday, February 16. Gwen had shared in an interview with Beats1 Radio that the song was written with “Used To Love You” writers Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels and was produced by Mattman & Robin according to Warner Chappell.

Insider Mike Doria shared a little insight with us about the single saying, “Has a very spring/summer vibe. A hint of Maroon 5 sound (think Sugar) and has some disco hints in it to. Totally catchy.” He also shared that the single should be out next Thursday, February 11.

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  1. I’m not crazy about the song title, but hopefully it’ll be a solid song. I’m excited to have something new this month!

  2. It’s going to be about Gavin and how she wants to made to be like him. She wants to not feel any longer. She wants to not care. Hence, “make me, like you”. Not “make me like you” as if she is saying someone is making her like them.

  3. I remember that she said in a interview that she was possibly changing the song title “Misery”, because the song was actually a happy song, not what the title suggests.

  4. I think it’s make me like you, like “hey, I don’t like you right now, so you better do something to… Make me like you”

  5. I suspect she’s referring to Blake. Make me like you. Maybe he was hitting on her and he’s the one that was flirting and being the aggressive one? She just wrote it so I’m sure that’s what it is. The other post has a point though it could be make me like you as in I wanna be like you. (I.e. Selfish Gavin …)

  6. I’m not crazy about the title tbh…. It sounds a little too similar to “Used to love you”, doesn’t it? Not the meaning, but the sound of the words lol. Used to love you, make me like you… Oh oh oh, make me like you! 😛

  7. I thought red flags was going around as another potential single as recent as a month or two ago? Maybe I read it somewhere wrong. I’ll be at Kimmel, hope she does it and it’s awesome!!

  8. I’m a little disappointed that the next single will be by the exact same team as UTLY… What about the Stargate and Greg Kurstin tracks? Oh well, I just hope MMLY won’t be another ballad/midtempo song.

  9. I’m excited to hear new music hopefully these events will be big promotion and hopefully it will actually make a big top 40 impact this time! I do see that the titles a bit similar to Used To Love You but who knows what the song will actually sound liked.. Exciting times no matter what!!!

  10. Just saw an old quote from Gwen to People where she said “I like to make my husband like me more”. This sounds like another Gavin influenced track! Can’t wait to hear it!!

    1. Maybe taking a shower! 😉

      Btw how reliable is site? They said that they’d share the lyrics today?! Is it someone from interscope who’s gonna send them the lyrics or are they waiting for the song to leak?

  11. Maybe she can do a tour de bathrooms …the album can be called “the water closet sessions” I kid, I kid. Can’t wait for this new song!!!!!!

    1. That’s great news. The songs they produced for Carly’s album (Run Away With Me, Gimme Love in particular) are a 10 in my book. It’s probably gonna be upbeat and if it has the same touch of melancholy of those songs then I’m all for it.

    1. They produced only 2 tracks…

      Anyway I actually liked the production of Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez. So I’m still excited! 🙂

  12. I keep obsessively checking for a news or leak from Gwen….I know she must be dying to release a tease. Do it, Gwen!!!!

    1. Doubt it.. They just deleted it from AllAccess because they want it to be top secret. Don’t know why though since all Gwen fans knows about it already.

  13. You keep deleting my posts and I’ve been here for multiple years. Well, I’m out, no longer supporting this site. You need to realize who the negatives are and not pick on long time followers.

    1. I’m being more proactive in removing posts that are either negative or instigating towards other fans. Just because I remove your posts doesn’t necessarily mean it’s against you personally but I don’t want comments instigating others to lead to more petty bickering and insults. It’s pretty frustrating for a lot of people (including the webmasters) and I’m doing my best not to pick on certain individuals. I appreciate everyones participation and voice but this site is not here for fans to bash on others for their opinions (and I’m not referring to you). I apologize if you or anybody else feels victimized by it and that is not my intention.

      1. I know I’m one of those people involved, but I just can’t shut up when other people are being rude to me. I know it won’t take us anywhere, but it always takes two. I appreciate your interference in moderating your own site though.

        1. I would suggest that a great way of contributing to that NDLover is for you to be more tolerant to negative opinions regarding the band and Gwen. We’re not supposed to like anything they put up, and in fact doing so is an illusion. I’m all up for this new Gwen era, but if there is a song, a video or look that me I don’t I will speak my mind about it, even if it may seem harsh, and you’ll have to deal with those opinions.

  14. I am still so excited about this. Every song she released leaked first, but I think she wants the hype to build up, not leak it, so when it is released, every just buys it.

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