New Single “Make Me Like You” Out Feb. 12; Live Music Video Airing During Grammys (Updated)


“Make Me Like You” has been officially added to the PlayIGA website and has since been added again to All Access with the radio add date set for February 16.

Photo courtesy of Target/People
Photo courtesy of Target/People

Photo courtesy of Target/People
Photo courtesy of Target/People

Gwen has confirmed that her new single, “Make Me Like You”, will be available this Friday, February 12! News also broke that she will be partnering with Target to present the first-ever live music video for the single that is set to debut in a 4-minute commercial break during Monday night’s Grammy awards on CBS. The “Make Me Like You” live video will be captured from the broadcast and will be shared later on Vevo as the official music video. How unreal!

Gwen spoke about the groundbreaking video in a new press release on A Bullseye View saying she’s excited to be partnering with Target saying, “Target has an incredible legacy of creating unexpected moments in music, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with them to create my new music video on live television next Monday.” has also been updated with more details saying that she will contribute to Target’s new #MoreMusic experience which will offer “behind-the-scenes access leading up to the big night” and a second view into the music video will be aired live on Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat.

In a behind-the-scenes look on-set of rehearsals courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, Gwen shared that they have been practicing for months and it’s been hard to keep everything a secret. She said that they are in the stages of perfecting camera angles and shared that the video, directed by Sophie Muller, will feature costume changes and multiple sets. “It is such an amazing opportunity to do live art. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Target has also shared a sneak peek at the video! Fortune is reporting that there will be “special guests” in the music video and Target will have their own stamp on it. Target spokesman said Lee Henderson shared, “It’s very theatrical in both a true Gwen way, but you will also know that it’s Target.”

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  1. Release date for the album is March 18th!! You can preorder the deluxe edition from Target to get the album with 4 bonus tracks. Wooohoo I am so excited!



  3. Great promo…I’m so happy for her. Hopefully all goes well with the single being available on iTunes in a timely manner.

  4. I’m so happy to hear there will be costume changes! I had just been saying to myself, “damn! Does this mean we’ll only get one look/outfit!?” Ha! Good job, G!

  5. @yyy, that wasn’t a read to Gwens target commercial one bit. Target is a WAY bigger platform than the Grammys. Target is a BILLION dollar corporation. It just makes sense I guess because I didn’t understand why she’d take the Grammy stage and hasn’t released an album in a decade you know? No shade. I LOVE my girl.

  6. Bob, does not make sense having Gwen doing the Bowie tribute, Gwen is an artist that has sticked to her image and style forever, not like Bowie at all. Lady Gaga or Madonna are the only female artists to do the whole image change like Bowie did (and have the relevance to pay tribute to him).

  7. Omg. Cynthia, you’re someone on this site who’s comments I enjoy reading with a great accuracy, history and true understanding of a TRUE No Doubter. But I can’t get into a Bowie conversation here. Don’t be distracted by his image. Gaga is THE ultimate POSER.

    1. Thanks Bob 😉
      I detest Lady Gaga, I think her whole image gets tired after a few minutes and she is indeed a poser, cause all her actions and speach are so forced and pretensious…
      I LOVE Bowie, he’s much more thatn just his image, I adore his music, but my favorite Bowie moment is the King Globlin <3, but when I wrote my comment I was thinking only on what the mass would like to see presented as a proper tribute, IMO there are so many better artists to pay homage to Bowie, but they are not considered Grammy material (LOL).

  8. I don’t think Gwen should’ve done the whole Bowie tribute (as you mentioned even if they wanted her to she doesn’t have the relevancy). Bowie truly inspired sooooo many musicians of allllllll genres and styles and I think that should’ve been reflected in the tribute. Picking Lady Gaga is soooooo entirely predictable, based solely on the ‘weird’ ‘crazy’ image she tries to portray. NOTHING about her music is innovative or reflects her image. (Sorry HUGE Bowie fan. I’m done.)

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