New Radio Interviews to Promote the ‘Truth’ Tour (Updated)

While taking some time off on the road, Gwen called into a few radio stations on the east coast to plug her tour and shared that her sons will be joining her for the first time. She’s been having a blast on the tour and feels incredibly grateful to be back on the road and connecting with fans that have supported her during what she calls the lowest part of her life.

Check out the interviews below and we’ll update the page once more are shared. If you know of one we’re missing, let us know in the comments!

107.9 The Link / Listen

In a new interview with 107.9’s Matt and Ramona, Gwen brought up No Doubt’s short festival tour last summer while she was going through her separation and admitted that she kept everyone in the dark about the situation, including the band. She feels extremely grateful to be back on the road and to be feeding off the energy and love from the audience.

After spending the first week on her own this tour, Gwen shared that her boys will be joining her and says that it might be weird for them considering how much older they are this time around. She says that she feels a little nervous having them on the road with her but exciting. She jokingly says that she’s going to have a sit down with her boys and lay down some rules.

On the tour, Gwen says that everything came together and calls her band and backup dancers amazing. She says it’s been fun to switch it up this time around and meet new people. “You bond really quickly through the music.” Gwen shared that she’s gotten to know Eve more than she ever has and says that she’s incredibly lucky to have her around. “It’s been really fun doing those songs together. It feels so right.”

When asked if she’s planning on heading back to The Voice, Gwen asks everyone to pray for her that she gets the call saying being on that show inspires her so much. Gwen says that when she’s onstage, she’s been thinking of herself on the show and the advice she gave to her own teams.


Pulse FM

Gwen shares that she never saw herself going on tour again and says that she felt like she pushed herself too hard in 2009. She called the band’s summer tour “magical” but felt exhausted since she had just given birth to Zuma and then immediately headed into the studio to write Push and Shove shortly after. Gwen said that last year was “the lowest of the low” for her and is still surprised in how she’s bounced back and regained her confidence in herself and her gift.

She admits that she lost her way with songwriting and says that nothing good came out of her “for years.” Gwen says that she pushed herself and changed her thought process and churned out song after song last summer.

Gwen says the thing she’s missed the most from touring is connecting with the audience. She sounds incredibly excited to be back on the road and has been having a lot of fun.


KS95 / Listen

Gwen is asked if Blake is still with her on tour and she shared that he left this morning but had been traveling with her the last couple of weeks.


The Bert Show / Listen

Gwen talks about how songs are still challenging for her to perform due to her circumstance and shared that she removed “Danger Zone” from her setlist this tour due to the subject. She also shared how “Used To Love You” is her favorite song currently to perform live.

Gwen admits that she was really hesitant on going forward with meet and greets on this tour due to the horrific tragedy in Orlando with Voice alum Christina Grimmie. She shares that her meet and greets have been incredible and she’s been moved by the people she’s met.

6 Replies to “New Radio Interviews to Promote the ‘Truth’ Tour (Updated)”

  1. I don’t think I’m gonna watch the Voice anymore, even if she’s on it. Don’t mean to be negative, just kind of over it. I’m surprised the boys didn’t know about her divorce during the festival tour. I assumed she would have confided in them.

  2. For sure she should not want the title of one of America’s sweethearts cause they will take you down just like they are doing with Taylor and Jennifer Aniston. They already started to do it with the not drawing crowds narrative when tix had only been for sale 3 weeks. Then they tried by saying she was a part of a triangle. Btw give Blake’s ex new single a listen you will see B+G are exonerated.
    I don’t see The Voice bringing her back cause they are trying to draw the younger demo with Miley. They know ratings are due to go down like Idol’s did so they are shuffling before that happens. Plus they may be worried having a real couple on there might affect the dynamic.
    I hope they do cause I love her naturalness and fun, plus fashions but sadly I don’t think they will. I only started watching it when Gwen came on.

  3. Gwen even didn’t tell her parents about the divorce. I think she tried to keep it a secret as long as possible.
    I remember when I saw her perform with ND last year she seemed very exhausted during the first shows, she messed up some songs and I felt so sorry for her….and then we found out about her tragedy.

    1. She just confirmed on her interview with Howard Stern that the only people that knew about the divorce were her parents and the people involved (Gavin and herself) before it all went public.

  4. It’s kinda sad how Gwen talks so negatively about the writing process of P&S, when they were posting the most exciting pictures EVER almost daily and making me so excited for that album!!!

    She was having personal problems at the time obviously, but why reflected that into the band?

    And where is all this stuff coming from that she was done with touring and never expected to tour again? I thought we were just waiting for new music and a tour?

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