New Radio Interview with Saturday Night Online

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Gwen phoned into Saturday Night Online tonight for a new radio interview.

She discussed getting the call for The Voice and says putting out new solo music and being on the show is a new chapter in her life. The idea behind her record was being spontaneous and getting her together with a bunch of talented writers. Gwen wanted to work on something new and not over think it. “If I can make a whole record in time, I’ll have it come out, and do that, if not, the singles will come out.” “Baby Don’t Lie” was the first single she wrote this time around and says that she’s always wanted to work with Ryan Tedder (co-writer on the track).

Gwen finds being on The Voice very inspiring and made her want to do new music on the fly. “Nothing seems to be planned right now, everything is unplanned.” She says that its fun working with new people and loves collaborating because she learns a lot. She calls the record a “collaboration” and says that it’s all been a little overwhelming for her.

She talks about “Spark The Fire” and how Pharrell presented the track to her and how it was recorded in three cities. She calls the song “so special” and working with Pharrell again an “amazing experience.”

Gwen says that herself and Pharrell don’t feel as competitive about being on The Voice like Adam and Blake. She’s enjoying the experience and working alongside her fellow coaches.

The host presents Gwen a few fan questions and confirmed that no other television show approached her besides The Voice. After releasing Push and Shove, and heading back into the studio, Gwen calls being approached for The Voice as a movement that changed her life, as well as having her third son, Apollo.

13 Replies to “New Radio Interview with Saturday Night Online”

  1. “If I can make a whole record in time, I’ll have it come out, and do that, if not, the singles will come out.”

  2. Well… I think she did mention at one point that she wasn’t sure how all this was going to come out. If she just ends up putting out some singles, I think that’s ok. Albums don’t sell well anymore (unless you’re Taylor or Eminem) so it might be a smart move on her part.

  3. Awe nice interview. Omg the background music was driving me BANANAS!!! haha I love that she said her fav emoji is 💩 because it’s mine too

  4. She still intends to release an album guys. She said in the interview that the album has a title. I think she meant it in past tense like when she was first doing it she was not sure if she would be able to do enough songs for a full album.

  5. Yeah and even if she releases another single, she will drop the album soon. Gwen’s pretty old school. She said before it only gets real when there’s a collection of songs aka album.

  6. The way there are rushing STF makes me believe that they really want the album out while The Voice is still on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made an announcement tomorrow and if the album came out somewhere between December 15th and December 23rd.

  7. if this single isnt big, she wont release this “in progress” album… i think thats pretty logical. why would she release an album when the 2 debut singles didnt do well? shes not going to set herself up for failure. if she did i doubt shed ever have confidence to release music again.

    she’s telling us this with “If I can make a whole record in time, I’ll have it come out, and do that, if not, the singles will come out.” —–am i the only one who sees this?

  8. The whole point of what she’s saying is she’s having FUN and approaching this project with a no-stress attitude. Push and Shove took years to write and sounds like it took a lot out of her. Let’s just be happy she’s happy and quit freaking out about weather or not this will be a commercial success. She’s not tripping so why should we?! Keep calm and listen to SPARK THE FIYAHHH!!!!

  9. **side note** I noticed how she totally turned the interview from BDL to STF… Pretty obvious she’s not that into BDL as a single. But thats none of my business *sips tea*

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