New Promos for The Voice (Updated)

The Voice has added several new videos to their official YouTube channel featuring a look at Gwen on the show and how she’s becoming a “force to be reckoned with”. It appears Gwen has been handing out cute “Team Gwen” t-shirts to the lucky contenders whom have chosen to be with her.

We can’t wait for the show to kick off on September 22 and we’ll be here supporting her and #TeamGwen every week!

26 Replies to “New Promos for The Voice (Updated)”

  1. I will totally ditch work if I get tickets to the day she may be performing. I don’t care – I will wait in that stinkin line all over again.

    1. To me it looks like she is around :21 in the video. I had heard that she performed I believe in the first round of auditions with the team.

  2. I saw it now. She will probably perform a song on the 1st episode? I just hope it’s not Hollaback Girl again.

  3. I’m sure she will perform a lot on the show, because that’s a huge part of The Voice… but please no ND songs without ND! That would be super awkward! She has enough solo hits to choose from, I don’t see why she would have to pick from ND’s catalogue (unless she’s performing WITH ND).

  4. I just watched the first video again and I think Jenny is right. She’s definitely performing around the 0:22/0:23 mark. You can see her on stage singning with a microphone.

  5. But if she doesn’t perform at least 1 No Doubt song I think it will feel incomplete. Gwen is much more than a solo artist. The public has to realize that she’s in a band too. But yeah I hope she bring the band on stage.
    When Adam Levine performs his material he does it alone or with his band?

  6. The fans that were able to go had to sign a privacy claus promising not to disclose any information from the tapings. Strong rumor is that the four coaches performed a ND song together during the first week of blind auditions.

  7. Still not crazy about the idea of Gwen performing ND songs without ND… I don’t mind Adam, Blake and Pharrell singing a ND song, but only if ND were actually playing it. So I guess the instrumental will be full playback then? Weird…

  8. If you think about it, The Voice is mostly about covering other people’s songs so I don’t think it will be weird if the band isn’t around.

  9. I went to two tapings of the blind auditions and she didn’t perform when i went , i hope she did do a No Doubt song though

  10. At the :21 mark u can also see a contestant standing right behind her so i think its not a full out performance maybe she sang a lil part of a song when won a contestant over anther judge

  11. The first episode will be a cover of some random/classic song. Then, when the song goes on, she will perform eventually one song of hers and the rest more covers. That’s how they roll. Christina always do that.

    If by the end of this season she’s releasing a new album (we never now) we gonna see her taking the stage performing several songs, I’m sure 🙂

  12. I dont mind Gwen doing ND song without the bands, at least to let peoole know that she has many good songs with ND also. I can see her doing Underneath it All, or Dont Speak.

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