New Poll: Which Of Gwen's Outfits On This Tour Is Your Favorite?


We added a new poll — we want to know which of Gwen’s outfits on this tour is your favorite! Please cast your vote now! You can access the poll on the left under the bandhouse. Thanks everyone in advance!

0 Replies to “New Poll: Which Of Gwen's Outfits On This Tour Is Your Favorite?”

  1. I feel the checkers dress reminds me the L.A.M.B 2008 spring-summer collection, however, I bet this dress is from newer collection, or specially made for the tour, anyway, also I must point out that the current/elliot jeans became a Gwen trademark

  2. I love the checkered shorts!!!!!!!! I wish I could find something like this and awesome boots to go with it. I don’t know if I’d wear the tights but it looks cool on her!!!!

  3. im so glad this poll exists because i am pretty much obsessed with the checkered outfit that gwen wears!! i totally want to make my own version!

  4. The checkered outfit is by far my favorite so far.

    The white with the cutoff shirt in a close second but i really love the checkered outfit and as always it looks fabulous on her!

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