New Official Photo From NBC Announcing Gwen As A #NewVoiceCoach


Well it couldn’t be any more official than this! NBC Tweeted out this new stunning photo of Gwen asking fans to Re-Tweet to welcome Gwen as the #NewVoiceCoach. She looks amazing and we’re looking forward to seeing Gwen in one of the iconic red chairs for season 7 of The Voice!

Filming is scheduled to start in June with an air-time set for Fall. #TeamGwen

20 Replies to “New Official Photo From NBC Announcing Gwen As A #NewVoiceCoach”

  1. It’s just airbrushing and a pair of falsies. She’s still under there, she just might have to go ultra-commercial for a little bit.

  2. Oh and can I just say that I’m really kinda over this hairstyle? :/ She used to be so daring when it comes to her hair, but now I feel like she’s been wearing the same three looks over and over again.

  3. I’m over the hairstyle too, she needs to change it up a bit. I think she looks pretty in the photo! Why is everyone so shocked by this?

  4. I think she looks great in this photo too. And yes, I’m also over the 3 hairstyles that she’s been using for the past few years… I know she loves Danilo, but I think she should change it up.

  5. So very pretty but i think for sure a new nose and lips. I looked over a millions of photos and the new nose is for sure. The lips are totes different then even 2 years ago.

  6. congratulations! I think her and pharrell will be fierce on the show! I haven’t watched it since the first couple episodes when it aired, but now I definitely will. It will be interesting to see how Gwen shapes another artist!!!!
    I like her hair down btw : )

  7. Some of my favourite pictures of Gwen I see are ones taken out in the street… I think they have used too much photoshop on Gwen too much over the years and I’ve seen her looking better literally just walking around streets than in some photoshoots.. Gwen is incredibly beautiful and always will be..

  8. I think its funny that the comments I made about her not staying a certain weight get deleted but these dont??? Sorry Jenny but they are just as offensive. ..

  9. nothing offensive. and i stronngly believe that jenny must improve this kind of section for comments, it should be linked with facebook accs, otherwise whoever post whatever they want.

  10. Not sure why people think she looks different. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a very similar pic of her.

  11. Shes most definetly has had work done. But so what. The pressure she faces to look good is crazy!! I think she may be overdoing the fillers around her eyes and losing a bit of her signature look with those lips but she still looks way better at 44, fake or not, than any of us will look!!!!
    (but what really confuses me is did she or did she not get breast impants??!!)

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