New Look And Email From Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

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Harajuku Lovers sent out an email this morning advertising the upcoming meet and greet with Gwen at Sephora SoHo on September 10th and we finally got our first official taste of Wicked Style. A Wicked Style themed truck will also be driving around Manhattan during the day on September 10 handing out samples of the fragrance and other cool stuff.

The official website also has a new design featuring the new artwork and has a cute new Twitter feed on the main page.

Meet Love and Baby and they cruise the streets of Manhattan in the HL truck handing out Wicked Style fragrance samples and other great giveaways.

Also, be one of the first 100 customers at Sephora SoHo to purchase the $90 Wicked Style fragrance package and you will get your bottle signed by the leader of the pack, Gwen Stefani.

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