New Listen: ‘Rock Steady’ Album

In honor of Rock Steady‘s anniversary, we wanted to look back and celebrate one of No Doubt’s most innovative albums yet in a New Listen feature. We’ve shared some of our favorite demos, early takes, live and acoustic versions from the era in track listing order that will offer fans a new and fun take on Rock Steady. Enjoy!

“Hey Baby” (Alternate Intro Version)

“Hella Good” (Acoustic Version)

“Making Out” (Live in Nashville)

“Underneath It All” (Alternate Radio Mix)

“Detective” (Live in Lowell)

“Don’t Let Me Down” (Acoustic)

“Start The Fire/DJ’s” (Live in Worcester)

“Running” (Live on CBS’s Home for the Holidays)

“In My Head” (Demo Intro) / “New Friend/In My Head” (Rock Medley)

“Platinum Blonde Life” (Demo Version)

“Rock Steady” (Live in Long Beach)

*”Waiting Room” has been omitted from the post since only the album version was available.

11 Replies to “New Listen: ‘Rock Steady’ Album”

  1. Too bad they didn’t record another album shortly after the RS era… I think those were their true prime days as a band. They were so inspired, experimental and daring back then. That basically never happened again in their whole career since all their other albums were a struggle for them to record. The visuals/outfits during the RS era were all over the place (in a positive way) and the music was just completely “out there”. It’s no surprise that Gwen was so inspired after RS to do L.A.M.B., but I wonder what a new ND album shortly after RS would’ve sounded like.

  2. Well, Gwen struggled to write LAMB too, but yeah, I sometimes wonder what might have happened if they hadn’t taken a 10 year break.

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